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Hi - I contacted leafcutter studios about this many times, they replied once. I cannot access features allowing me to adjust the settings for accent on the beats, and the loudness of these. I seem to have an older version of the app maybe its version 1.09, and I use a galaxy S6. Is there an up to date video I can watch? Settings only allows me options to change sound group and display type, and other category under which auto cap song name. reset song and show timer complete. Thanks

Can anyone actually help with this please, or at least reply!

Hi Surrinder. Apologies its taking a while for someone to respond to your question. I no longer use the application as prefer my DB-90 metronome but still have the app on my phone. I’ve just opened it up and its the same version that you have installed. I’ve just checked the play store and that’s the latest version. With regards to adjusting the settings of the accents on the beats as far as I can see you can only select the sound group and volume. So I don’t see anyway on the current version to personalise the accents.

Surrender @Surrinder
James @Socio

I have this version on my iPad and these photos shows the version as 221. Don’t think it has been updated since I got it earlier in the year.

Hope that helps

Michael :grinning:

Hi -thanks Matt and Socio. Guess will just stick to me other metronomes in meantime. Leafcutter were just unresponsive, even when I actually complained to them about their lack of responding. Guess we can’t have it all!

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