Tinkerbell in ZBrush

I build this in ZBrush from the concept work of J.Scott Campbell.

Hope you dont mind me sharing as I do little work in ZB.



That is very cool Rachel.

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Looks awesome, Rachel, no issue in sharing about other hobbies in Just Chatting.


Hi Rachel,
That is nicely made :sunglasses:, but a bit difficult to fly around neatly like that :blush:

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That is very beautiful Rachel :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Love the wings, the tiptoes and large hips!

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Wow that’s beautiful Rachel, nice piece of work! She sure is pretty and got loooong legs :heart_eyes:, and the elevé position :heart_eyes:, just lovely!

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yes, shes a lovely piece of work, took around 6 weeks from start to finish but, I like the result. Best I done so far.


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Wow! That’s awesome and so pretty!! :heart_eyes:

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