Tip: "I feel like I'm not making progress"


Are you taking a lot of “hay on your fork” there I think.

Playing some song you really like (with some occasionaly throwing in an F chords) why going through the first phases will give you the best solid foundation to build on.

Don’t worry too much about the Major scale yet. knowing which (7 diatonic) chords go along with it is, once again, useful but not crucial at this stage.

Of course, I don’t want to say you should be doing the same 2 drills every day either :D

I think you are starting to hit a plateau most of us hit in that stage.
Being curious and exploring stuff is what this is all about.
In this stage, you are confronted with quite some paradoxal feelings.
The more you nkow, the more you get the feeling you actually know -less-.
That’s because you discover there is so much and it is perhaps not always clear

  • what is important,
    what is important to you
    and what is important to you in this stage of your journey

I’ve got a hunch that you might not be the most patient with yourself? :)
Not meant in a negative fashion; you want to put effort in it and you want to reap results. Than it’s natural that you go through some patches of cognitive dissonance, where the ratio of effort and perceived progress doesn’t always appear to go in a straight line.

There IS this stage though where you keep progressing but some stuff needs more effort.

YES the F takes a lot of time for most of us.
It did for me if that counts? :)
I played that shape a lot of times higher on the neck than on fret one (where F is).
I couldn’t hold it properly when starting out. And that was on an electric, not an acoustic.

As soon as you get that shape somewhat decent, it will open a ton of possibilities for you; I promise you that. From there it is a small step to a lot of “E shape” and "A shape barrés with roots on E and A string. They will give you the tools to play A LOT of new songs you always wanted to learn!
(Heck, most of what I play now is with those 2 shapes!)

In this phase, I think, it is important to have enough fun stuff.
Songs you like, picking out certain passages you think might be up to, learn to decorate a chord you already know well. Example: learning about Dsus2, Dsus4, Asus2 and Asus4 blew my mind. Take that old A and D major chords, add or lift one finger and bam; instant texture in what used to be bland 4x stroke chords in a bar! That might be a quick win to counter some slower progress on, for example, that F chord.

This is a crucial stage for you. This is often a point where many quit, overwhelmed with what lies ahead, underwhelmed with their own achievement.
I think you need some good old fashion aknowledgement of what you achieved by now as well ;).

Coming here, posting, is a great first step; I like that!
Now bear with us, keep sharing what bothers you and many like me can share how they conquered the plateau!