Tips for someone with big hands/fingers

Hi everyone!

I’ve been learning along with the course just fine and have had no problems with the teachings so far. My only issue really is that I keep muting my strings when I try to play with my chubby fingers. I know this has to be a minor setback, but if there are any tips anyone could provide someone with larger hands to do chord changes and the like without somehow touching every string at once it would be greatly appreciated!

(Note: I’m trying my best to press the strings with my fingertips as close to the nail as possible and use a lot of force, but I still have problems getting a nice clear sound sometimes when I’m doing my chord changes. Any exercises, practices or tips would be lovely. Thank you!!)

Perhaps dont press so hard? This might be making things worse, and later your fingertips will toughen

Just try pressing as close to the fret and as accurate as possible , play each string individually and shift until you are not muting

Everyone thinks they have issues with their hands, fingers dont move right, are the wrong size or wont stretch etc this is normal just keep going! :slight_smile:


Gotcha! Thanks for the advice!

What about when doing chord changes that need to be done quickly? It’s not an issue now since I’ve just started, but should I just focus on getting it as accurate as possible slowly and then working the speed up naturally?

Yeah Justin tends to go with a mix at the start, fast but messy (1 min chord changes) and slow / precise ( with checking each string).

As you go on you will combine the two, again dont worry everyone has these problems at the start

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As others have said, things will probably get better with practice…

…but if they don’t, perhaps look into getting a guitar with a wider neck/nut. The small increases in clearance between strings can sometimes make a big difference in playability.

Have you had your guitar set up? Getting the nut slots adjusted to the proper height may help with playing clean chords. Also, in the long run, you will not want to exert more force than needed.

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No, I just got a relatively inexpensive one from a music shop. I could go back and ask them to have a look and see if they should be adjusted, but I didn’t even know that was a possibility haha

Thanks for the tip!

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It sounds like from your quote that you could be to close to your fingernail.

The most destinctive part on my fingertip is about half the finger thickness. So, If i press the pad of my index finger with my thumb then the harded area is half way between my nail and thumb.

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