Tips from John Mayer

Came across this video today and then John Mayer’s Youtube Channel.
If you are an advance lead player there are some really great pieces of advice here.
If your just starting your guitar journey sit back and take in what you can and enjoy
a master blues player.


Very interesting, I was aware of that connection but it’s very well presented and not difficult to understand.

@DarrellW don’t know if you noticed the link under the video. It’s to John’s Advice
section on his youtube channel.
I’ve been wasting the afternoon away watching it.

John has some really good nuggets in there about practicing and the best way to rip his
licks off.


Watched this a couple of times but his fast (for me) playing is difficult to follow but if I get it, the gist of what he is saying is this

So combining what you would normally play as the E shape minor pent with 6th string 8th fret root, with a G shape minor pent between frets 5 and 8 (ignore the double 3b !!) as shown in my quick cobbled diagram! Or I am making this too simple ?

Edit : yes I know he is throwing in embellishments but this is the framework ?

If it is I am happy ? :sunglasses:


@DarrellW I was wondering where 1 to 3 where ! Thx :sunglasses:

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Nailed it Toby that’s exactly what he is doing. I don’t if John is capable of playing slow.
He’s using both the G shape and E shape for both Major and Minor pentatonic.
I use them both for Major pent but mostly E and D shape for minor pent.
When I get home I’ll have to give the G shape minor pent a go and see how it fits under
my fingers.

I find it hard to believe he has only just discovered that !! But there again, all the good players don’t do the theory, they just discover what works by just playing I guess !

Found this interesting as well. Good lesson on where NOT to start impro-ing ! :sunglasses:


Tomo Fujita is the MAN, you just have to look him up - I can binge watch him for hours and hours :joy:

On the case ! I am sure I’ve caught him before. Thx D.

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Here you go @TheMadman_tobyjenner, some “Slow blues” :joy::joy::joy:

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Just want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly - it sounds like most of the video he’s talking about taking advantage of what I learned (and what Justin taught) as pattern 5 of the minor pentatonic/blues scale. I think he is talking about playing the minor pentatonic scale in the place where most people only think of the major - is that right?

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That is correct. Most, (not all) move up the neck when starting
with the E shape pentatonic scales.

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Sort of yes, he’s just picking out the notes from the Cminor pentatonic from the notes between frets 4 to 6.

perfect, thank you. recently during my blues practice I’ve tried to force myself to only play out of specific patterns - for example only play licks in pattern 5 for this round of the 12 bar and then go somewhere else, and I’ve found that that sort of restriction has helped with my phrasing and note choices a lot. good to see someone who actually knows what they’re doing also thinks it’s important to make sure that you know where the scale is everywhere on the fretboard

He does it really fast he is mixing both the major and minor

Interestingly, I watched this exact same video on YT the same day as you, although it is too early for me to understand everything, but it was pushed to my by YT so I took it as a bed time story.

Instead of starting a new thread I figured I add this documentary here.
If you have an hour to kill and like John Mayer enjoy.

Makes sense to park it here Stitch. Bookmarked for later this week :sunglasses: