To / for my guitar

A tele is not right for me,
the same goes for that nice SG.
Along then came a stratocaster,
that got sent back even faster.
So how about this prs,
that didn’t got me saying yes.

Eventually, i came across an Ibanez.
Could this relieve me of the stress,
of looking at guitars?
And after strumming a few bars,
i found out, it acutally did.
This is it, i said, and payed the man.
So now i play the best i can,
with my new mistress close at hand.

Luckily my wife does understand, that this guitar is right for me,
but not the only one, you see.
The search continues to this day,
for some guitar i want to play

Time will tell just what i’ll find,
but it will not be left behind.

(English is not my native language, so if there are errors in my writing, please do tell. Thank you for reading)


I like it. Not necessary aligned with the conclusions, but that’s why there are so many guitars.

Thanks for giving me a smile this morning! You’re a creative person - I bet it comes through in your guitar playing. Your English impressive too. :smiley:

Great post. Well said. I have a fav guitar that rewards me very much yet any guitar shop still grabs my attention.

Indeed. And i thank the gods every day for some much choice. (Well, not thàt much choice when you’re a lefty, but i’m not complaining). :slight_smile:

My pleasure.
I don’t know if it shows in my guitar playing. Time, and my teacher at school, will tell. :smile:

I know… I’m trying to get to my favorite shop to have a go at 2 that caught my attention. And also to find out why they’re so cheap. I mean, 2 leftys for about 300 and 500€? How is this possible?

Just dropped on this and it made me smile, especially looking at the rack of guitars to the left of my desk. It should be called

Ode To GAS !!


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