To honour the lo-fi high-flying originality of Birdland

Original Forum thread here: To honour the lo-fi high-flying originality of b1rdland

Awarded November 13, 2020,

Steve has been a creative spirit and sharing his home recorded songs and music for some time. He has been encouraging to so many folk who are pushing their own musical boundaries and exploring their own musical paths. He has been delighting so many of us with his songs of unique and distinctive character, his wry, honest and laconic lyrics and his self-effacing manner. Steve has been through ups and some low-downs and he openly discusses the release that songwriting gives. Speaking personally, each time I see a new song drop in from @Birdland on the MONOCHROME GUITARS soundcloud channel, I know it is a day for something stimulating, thought provoking or just cool and vibey.

Hats off to you Steve.



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The birds the word

Clint was spot on but the old forum did not support such frivolity, The Birds most certainly The Word. You’re the rockin Bird Steve ! :sunglasses:


Hope Steve checks in soon and discovers we’ve moved to a new home in the sun and follows after the goldrush has subsided. I miss his music.



Well the good news is Steve is still around and dipping in to the old Forum, Last Active: December 18, 2021 Let’s hope the B1rd sees the message and flies across to the new house :sunglasses: