Toby says hello!

Hi JustinGuitar Community!

My name is Toby. I’m here in Brisbane Australia.

I played guitar very roughly back in my twenties, mainly riffs and a few open chords. I took a couple of lessons but never really found a teacher I gelled with. Never really felt like I could play a song. YouTube wasn’t really around then. Then I just kinda stopped playing for a long time.

Fast forward about 20 years and I turned 40. My wife and kids bought me a voucher for the Woolloongabba Guitar Centre. I picked up a Taylor BT01 thinking that a 3/4 guitar would help with some inflexible wrists.

And, now, 6 months later, I’m hooked again! I’ve resurrected (and had repaired) my guitars from my 20s. With practice, I’ve found my wrists aren’t as inflexible as I thought and I’ve been playing my approximately 20 year old Ibanez Artwood AW40 and my Squier Affinity Strat.

I’ve been working through Justin’s beginner course, which has been great at filling in the blanks I had and actually teaching songs.

I’m currently towards the end of grade 2, and am really enjoying the teasers of different styles - currently enjoying the Blues module.

So hi! Looking forward to progressing and learning more and more.


G’day Toby.
A very warm welcome to the community.
You have come to the right place if, while learning guitar, you want help, support, encouragement and friendship from fellow travelers.

Hello fellow Toby, now there’s 2 of us. Fortunately I go by the moniker of The Madman, so we won’t get mistaken.

Good to see you here, plenty of support should you need it. Just holler any time you need advice.




Hey Toby, welcome to the community, I lived in Brisbane for many years, there’s a great acoustic community in Brisbane, check out:

The BUg - Brisbane Unplugged Folk/Acoustic Music Night

It’s on Tuesday nights at the New Farm Bowls club. There’s also a Brisbane Folk News email list which covers folk and other acoustic events.

Can never have too many Aussies! :smiley:
Tobys on the other hand… :thinking: :rofl:


hi from a newbie from the sunny coast

what a community Justin and his team have created

Welcome to the Community, Toby. You’re in a good place to keep on learning. Look forward to hearing you play. You can post recordings in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing, no need to get fancy, simple mobile phone video. It’s the best way to get even more feedback and encouragement.

hey mate welcome to the site!

Hi Toby!! Welcome!
Looking forward to see you play!!!


Hello and welcome to the community Toby. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you were able to resurrect your old guitars, always nice to have a choice.

Welcome Toby. Good that you kept your old guitars and are now getting use from them.