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Hi all,

I am originally from England and am now retired in the beautiful Shuswap area of BC in Canada.

I was told by my teachers at school that I was tone deaf and should avoid anything musical for the rest of my life. Roll on 50 odd years and I started questioning if that advise was correct? So for the last two years I have been learning guitar (purely through Justin guitar). Whilst I rate myself still as a beginner I have come to realize that I am not tone deaf and can play at least one or two tunes that are half recognizable. So now I have joined the community hub to try and push my musicality forward and I hope to gain valuable insight, tips and knowledge to help me.

Whilst the title of my introduction refers to my electric guitar, I equally enjoy my acoustic guitar as well.



Hey Pete, that’s awesome!!! Welcome to the community. There are areas of musical education that frustrate me and the supposed guidance you got is one of them, I’m so glad you challenged that defeatist statement and have discovered your musical self. Keep playing!

Thanks Tony

Hi Pete and welcome. No advice needed. You found Justin are here two years later, that speaks bundles and proves those teachers wrong !


Hi and Welcome Pete!!

Screw that teacher and rock on!!




We seem to be of a similar age, I am only just over 2 months in not 2 years. Your comment about being told I was tone deaf from an early age rings a bell

I have been persuaded by some in the community that I should sing as well as play the guitar, always up for a challenge I have just started singing lessons, early days but what I have thought all these years may not be true.

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Hello, Pete!

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

What bad advice! :rage:.

Glad you are proving them wrong

It really is sad that an adult would say something so judgmental and limiting to a child. Shame on them.

I was perfectly capable of telling myself that, after a broken voice incident in choir at 12 years old. The rejection from that episode kept with me until my 50s when I finally realized that I didn’t need to keep telling myself such limiting assumptions. Besides, who cares? I don’t expect to be a great guitarist. I expect to enjoy myself.

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Thanks Toby

Yep, it’s amazing how something someone says to you as a child can have an impact on your whole life (both negative and positive)

‘Rock on’. Now that is great advice. :guitar:

Thanks Jamolay

Hi Mat,

I’m 59 and loving playing the guitar. I started on an acoustic and then a few months ago bought an electric. I probably play them equally as much now. It’s such a great hobby. I try and play/practise most days even if it’s just for a few minutes. Sometimes it’s a couple of hours. Maybe one day I’ll get into a pub band. That would be awesome but may be a few years away yet.

Welcome to the Community, Peter, never to late to discover the joy of making music.

Always astonishes and saddens me to hear stories of people saying such things to young people, well actually anybody but especially young people. And all the more so when they are teachers in a position of trust to educate and nurture young people. Heart-breaking how many people can recount such moments (including myself) but we can overcome.

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Hello Pete and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Some people shouldn’t be teachers, as they can to far to much damage to a child that can last them a lifetime.

Glad you ignored the haters Pete and picked up a guitar.

Hello Pete and welcome to the community

Some teachers :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: They don’t deserve to be employed with that attitude!!!
Welcome to the community, you’ll get nothing but support and encouragement here, you’ve already proven to yourself that they were wrong, pity is wasn’t earlier, but you know what they say - better late than never!

I admire your ambition to play in a pub band.
My current target is to play and sing!!! A song in front of the family that doesn’t embarrass them or me and of course post this on the web site. Still a long way off at present but intend to get there.

Welcome Pete, it’s such a shame you were told that as a youngster but congratulations on finally saying “sod them”, and good for you with your journey so far. If you’re having fun you’re always improving is my view on this journey so keep on keeping on :slight_smile:

Thank you