Tommy, can you hear me?

I’ve been called dumb .
I’ve been called blind.
So why, out of the the last three gigs I went to, have two been in the Deaf Institute (Manchester) and last night the iconic Deaf School (band) down in Liverpool?
I don’t even play pinball :roll_eyes:
:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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I can but offer gifts to ease your pain

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But you can my friend, you can (on Win 10 & Win 11).


Found his moniker then :rofl:


… but will it heal me? :thinking: :laughing:

Only if it touches you
Parental Guidance

That was the best!

I’ve always thought of you as a bit of a wizard Brian. :smiley:

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Hi hum diddle dum suck my thumb…….stick my finger up my nose (or something like that!)
I used to be a Pinball wizard years ago but wasn’t a deaf dumb or blind kid!