Tommy Emmanuel=Amazing Grace

I’m compelled to share this video vignette / live performance of Amazing Grace by “el Maestro”, Tommy Emannuel, that I came across today. It’s about 6-7 minutes. He speaks for the first part and performs “Amazing Grace” on the 2nd part. What a wonderful gift to the world this man is. I’m guessing you’ll be both amazed and inspired.

Tommy Emmanuel - Amazing Grace, Seoul 2009 - YouTube

Aside from the jaw-dropping finger work, the grace and humility he conveys in the dialogue reminds me of Elvis, who I learned by experience, shared that trait.



Hi Gary,
This man is really amazing and…indeed…always when he talks about the gift of music and the joy and strength/hope it brings to people I get goosebumps, that was no different now…and that playing guitar from him is of an hors category…
Thanks and Greetings,Rogier

Thanks for sharing this Gary, I love this guy. His love for music, his dedication to the mastery of the guitar and his humility are as you’ve said inspiring, he’s truly the greatest guitarist ever (IMO). I love the way he celebrates other musicians there’s no sense of competition just sheer joy in playing alongside them. If you haven’t already you should catch some of the videos on YouTube of him and his brother Phil they’re fab! I believe today is the Anniversary of Phil’s death, there’s a beautiful video of a song Tommy wrote for Phil called Sail On – check it out but if you’re like me you’ll need a hankie :smiling_face_with_tear:

I agree - in my world he is at least as good as the best there is, and better than most. I watched the “Sail On” video - thank you for that. I never knew that he had a (twin?) brother/band-mate.

Phil was his older brother and an excellent
guitarist in his own right, he favoured the electric guitar. Glad you enjoyed Sail on here’s a medley including Classical Gas that I think you’ll enjoy Ultimate classical gas medley with strings I’d also recommend watching the Beatles Medley live from Centre Stage and Tommy and Phil playing the shadows. Watch you don’t disappear down a rabbit hole though - I did when I discovered Tommy Emmanuel :joy:

… and not just people who can play: He listened to me playing a dire ditty I wrote before a concert and then engaged in chit chat and signed my guitar :rofl:
(I did pay for the privilege, mind :wink:)

I’ve watched some of your stuff Brian and you’re highly entertaining he’d have been mesmerised :grin: not sure I’d have been able to speak let alone play in the presence of the great man himself I applaud you :clap:

We should make you pay for every time you tell this story, then we can do a lot of good for it…I thought where are you now, when this thread appeared
:joy: :rofl:


:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :flushed: :see_no_evil:

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I always enjoy his performance of fly me to the moon with Emil Ernebro

Spine tingling! Just listened to the Tommysongs album again his songwriting is awesome. Husband has just insulted me and says when I die he’s going to bury me in a Maton guitar it should fit me nicely (I’m barely 5ft) and will be cheaper than a real coffin :roll_eyes: - I’ve put a caveat on it though - it needs to have been played by and signed by TE (that’ll teach him!)