Tommy Emmanuel fingerstyle (ouch)

Fell and dislocated it.


That can’t be good.

Aarrgh! Not good! :see_no_evil:
Actually been there, done that as a teenager. Dived to ankle tap another player in a game of rugby and my righthand middle finger clipped his boot, popped it out the same as above. The coach wouldn’t pop it back in on the spot as someone else had recently broken bones trying to do the same, so waited for 4hrs in A&E until it had gone completely blue and stiff, then one doctor held me by the shoulders in a chair and the other yanked on the finger till it popped back in. Still can’t bend it properly to this day. Thankfully for it was on my strumming not fretting hand :roll_eyes: :joy:



I guess it’s bass night at the concert…

Did the same thing about 15 years ago in The Hague. Out bike riding and my front wheel got stuck in between the tram rails and I flew over the handle bars. ( no alcohol or other substances were involved :joy:) .To add insult to injury a drunk sitting on a park bench thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen as was busting his hole laughing. It probably did look pretty funny to be fair :joy:.


Damn! I hope he gets his playing back to his normal amazing standards!

That’s gotta smart. :anguished:

Ei, ei, ei… hopefully he doesn’t get any long term issues. As an owner of a bad injured finger, that never got straight again, I feel with him! :green_heart:

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Had the same finger a couple of years ago from a football tackle.
I approached the nearest player and asked him to hold the end of the finger while I pulled it back in place.
Him: “Hold on, not so fast. Let’s be careful and take a closer look.”
Me: “No, do it now. I’ve done it before. The longer you leave it the less damage done”
After a quick examination, he gently pulls the finger and it slots back into place :grinning:
Afterwards I apologise for being a bit abrupt, but explain I used to work as a doctor.
Him: “Actually, I’m an orthopaedic surgeon and I specialize in hand injuries…” :roll_eyes:
It might have been my imagination, but I’m pretty sure I heard God giggling upstairs :rofl:


Oh no :anguished:, this must be a nightmare for a professional guitar player :see_no_evil:.
I hope, he won’t have any long term issues from that :grimacing:.

Brutal. Ouch. I wonder if Tommy can play 4 fingered.

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That sure looks painful but I bet he’ll be able to reach some of those more complicated chords now.

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Ooo, if I had a penny for every time I have broken or dislocated fingers (lost count)/toes (lost count)/ankles/wrists also lost count :grimacing:, not to mention the serious things that have happened in recent years, I would have a nice pocket full. … And Brian @brianlarsen , I have managed to get my finger back into place a few times (twice and 1 small toe)… once it went wrong when a finger was broken instead of dislocated (At least the bone was broken too)… you should have heard the doctor… if I had gone completely crazy ,fool etc etc…I came to the hospital so often that I started to like it and wanted to work there, and that was before I was 17…
Tommy will live…and play fine soon :smile:


He plays with the first 2 better than everyone present here… :grin:

The moment when you feel a picture. :woozy_face:

Dislocation is probably the only kind of injury I haven’t had myself so far (and not keen on having it either), but this looks terribly awkward and probably hurts a lot? Hope he’s recovering completely and fast. But even with the remaining straight fingers, Tommy will play better than all of us together, I bet. :sweat_smile:

or anywhere!