Tommy Joe White

Just throwing this out there. Ran into this clip last week and it really moved me. Started reearching Tommy Joe White and realized he is one of the many unsung heroes in the music business, like JJ Cale. He played for decades under the radar, writing his own music doing it his way.

Among some of the hits he wrote for other people were Rainy Night in Georgia and Steamy Windows for Tina Turner.

What grab my attention was that he wrote Let the Healing Begin that Joe Cocker made famous and is one of my favorites. He alos wrote As the Crow Flies, my favorite Rory Galagher acoustic song.

He was freinds with Mark Knophler, listen to Beach Life and you will immediately see the influence he had on Mark.

Just doing my bit to keep his legacy alive. Peace brother!


Haven’t heard Tommy Joe White for about 40+ years :grinning:
If you interested in what others are listening to check this thread out.

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I’ll check out the smoking Gun. From what I gather, Tommy Joe White was more appreciated in Europe than the U.S.


Thanks for posting that clip, really enjoyed it. Saw someone else (can’t remember who) do a cover of that song just the other day. Tommy Joe White does it brilliantly.

Thanks for the excellent introduction to a beautiful artist!!!
Peace to you, TJW!!!

Thanks for posting. The second one reminds me of Knopfler, as you sai, and parts of it a little bit of Chris Rea. Maybe he influenced him as well? Road to Hell?

Most enjoyable, Roch.

Got Lacid Placid Blues album playing now, which is sure to improve my Friday working day.

Certainly hear the similarities with Chris Rea in the Beach Life as well as Dire Straits in Lake Placid Blues (the song).

Second song on the album, has a Texas Blues vibe, a less rocking, smoother ZZ Top.

As you say, so many fabulous artists who had long careers making great records and performing but not becoming big name international stars … sometimes by choice.

I wonder if Mark Knopfler’s career would have been different to Tony Joe White’s if it was based on making wonderful records such as Privateering and Sailing To Philedelphia, if Dire Straits had not become the mega-star band that it became, that ultimately led to Knopfler moving on?

David, TJW did lots of session stuff, some producing and colaborated with the likes of Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Mark Knophler. The fact that Rory Galagher picked up on his music tells me people in the “biz” realized his talent.

He created his own brand of music of what became known as Swamp Music and he was knick named the Swamp Fox :slight_smile:

When Tina Turner first met him to record she started laughing histerically. She knew of his music but always thought he was black. That was before the days of internet.

David, I checked out your site and love it. I just started the journey and if I can get to your level before I check out I will die with a smile on my face! Thanks!