Tonight I'll Be Stayin' Here With You

Thanks DW! I will be out in the garden most of the day today and then off for some fishing tomorrow. Not sure that I have another song ready to go yet. I did start plinking on something but I don’t think it’s ready to go yet. :wink:

Thanks! I appreciate your comment.

Thanks Adrian! Bring your own snuggie:

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Thank you Pam! I really appreciate your comment.

Thumb strumming has gotten kind of a bum rap because of the oft referenced Tammy video. Everyone should learn to use a pick, it is a very important skill, but it’s OK to use your thumb for a more intimate, approachable and less brittle guitar tone. There is room for different presentations, one is not superior to another. Thumb strumming is a lot easier to sing over with an ambient mic.

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Good to see you out in the big outdoors again, Mr. T :sunglasses:
Loved the swaying reflections in the guitar and goggles- went very well with your mellow, sensitive rendition of a song I didn’t know.
I’ve mentioned before that this is the type of performance that speaks to me more than making the guitar sing (which you also do so well). It’s also more likely encourage folk at lower levels that pyrotechnics and flashing fingers are not everything :wink:


Thanks BL! There are a number of different aspects of the instrument to enjoy. Makes sense to work on becoming a well-rounded player. I do love a good lead session. Make the guitar sing, wail, cry and growl are all cool things to do.

It gets kind of boring and uninteresting for me to do the same type of thing all of the time. I move on quickly for the most part. Focusing on one aspect is cool too, if a person is so inclined.

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Nicely done Clint :+1:

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Thank you!

Nice to see more of your beautiful garden Clint. Your voice suits this song so well. I’m glad you’re playing again.

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Thanks Maggie! I appreciate the listen and comment.

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Lovely playing and singing Clint. I may join Adi in joining you for that sleepover. :smiley:

Are we seeing the start of battle of the backdrops? Looks really nice where you are.

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Hi Clint!
Thank you for the excellent performance. You already have your own style (at least, a new one for me).
Beautiful, stylish cover. And I hope no aircraft was damaged)))
I always enjoy watching your new videos.

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Thanks Sgt! I have a no compete clause in my contract. I just move around lighting. and location to take the rough edge off of the main visual (me).

Bring your snuggie:
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Thanks Leo! I appreciate you giving this a listen and a like.

Well done Clint. I really enjoyed it. That looks like such a peaceful place in the garden and the song suited the vibe so well. :+1:

HI Clint,
I like this mellow gig in the garden. Speaks of spring and summer around the corner! I hope you do more in this style as it fits you well.

Keep up the good vibe and all the best to you!