Tony here, formerly known as ynot

Hey all, somehow in the new community I’ve picked up a different user name, this one suits me just find. I’m still getting used to the new forums and have just spent 5 days at a place called St Albans in New South Wales for a musos gathering. No internet, just lots and lots of music and frivolity.


You need a theme song, Tony :metal: :sunglasses:

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Haha! That’s pretty good, the album cover got my attention for sure.

Hi Tony welcome over to the new community! There’s a song there? :smiley:

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Theoretically there is?

Your muso gathering sounds great, Tony.

Tony glad you made it.

Sounds like a good gig ! That looks a lot different to the St Albans (UK) I frequented in my yoof and where @Willsie01 here resides. No doubt you are back on the road, off to goodness knows where. Take care but in the meantime Ynot take a look around have a play and holler if you need owt !



We are off to Sydney for xmas with family, and then 5 weeks camping at Bermagui on the southern coast area of NSW. Bermagui is a fabulous place and a great cafe with weekly open mics. Been brushing up on my open mic repertoire for months in preparation


@DavidP - Thanks. They are a lot of fun, we’ve been fortunate to find quite a variety of them. Everyone is different and I get so many new song ideas and inspirations from each one.

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Hi Tony, good to see you here and I’m very keen to hear of your travels. As Toby has mentioned I reside in THE St Albans but we did live in Brighton for getting on 4 good years in the early 90’s. Brighton, Melbourne that is, not Sussex! I was on contract and when it was completed we took time out, headed west to Adelaide, then all the way up to Darwin before returning to Melbourne, via the East Coast, to fly home. Of course that very brief outline doesn’t begin to describe the many amazing places we visited and experiences we had and the months we were on the road. Amazing experience.

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@Willsie01 When I posted on fb about visiting St Albans NSW I had several friends who live in AU reply about either visiting THE St Albans or having friends who live there. Your trip up the middle is similar to what we have planned. We are in Sydney for Xmas, then to Bermagui (a top spot), then meander around till the Port Fairy Folk festival in March, then on to Adelaide, up the red centre to Darwin, across the top to Derby, and then down to Perth. We think it might take two years.


Hey Tony I have to log on here to find out where you are :laughing: St Albans sounds like a warm and wonderful musical gathering. Really happy for you to be living the dream. May the wheels keep turning :smiley:

A video upload of some of your musical adventures would be rather nice please sir.

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Hey Maggie, always good to connect with you. Not a lot from St Albans on video.

Here’s one from our camping at our own property (We were ready to start the “big lap” around Australia, leased out our house for 12 months and then covid hit and travel restrictions meant we couldn’t go anywhere, so we camped off grid away from the house (we have 6 acres) and recorded this)

While on the road, up in Queensland, Danny Widdicombe, an amazing Brisbane artist, started hosting online open mics where you submit a song, the theme was outdoors, so from Marysville, I recorded this…


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