Tony's having a blast 8 months in

Covid and retirement hit on basically the same day. Boredom crept in soon thereafter. Thought about guitar, but shoulder hurt. Rotator cuff surgery and recovery later, I was really bored. Wife’s Martin 0018 hanging on the wall (she mostly plays mandolin now) looking at me looking at it. Let’s try this we decided.

It wasn’t easy at first. My fingers were as uncooperative as anyone’s. But one day, trying to follow (someone else’s) lesson on YouTube, I finally made some noise a charitable person might describe as almost musical (just 3 chords of some riff). I cried for joy. I can do this. If I keep trying. Started picking up the guitar every day.

After a lot of bouncing around YouTube, I found Justin’s lessons. His encouraging manner and quality lessons help keep me going; almost done with Grade 1.

Joined my wife at some back porch jams. Sometimes all I could do was pluck the bass note and try to keep up. Everyone is so encouraging. At 68, I’m one of the old dogs learning new tricks. Looking forward to a 4-day music camp this summer.

Having a blast 8 months in :slight_smile:


Welcome in Tony.

A jam buddy on tap sounds fantastic :slightly_smiling_face:

And after 5 months of playing (at least a few minutes) every day, she gifted my her 1970 Martin 0018. So now I can’t quit :grinning: I have to keep going. Lucky me, I guess.


Welcome to the the Community, Tony. Sounds like you are making great progress and having tremendous fun. All is better than good.

Welcome to the community Tony.

Its good to hear that you are having a blast and so lucky to start on such a lovely guitar.

Hi Tony,
Good to read that you found this hobby at the right time, … there is no more boredom, time enough to play the guitar and learn now…I wish you a lot of fun for many years to come,

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Hello and welcome Tony. :slight_smile:

Ahhhh, getting to jam with someone, how funky. It sounds like you’re loving your journey.

Tony, awesome to have another Tony here. And I’m retired as well. Yay for the Tonys of this world. Great to hear you are making great progress in your guitar journey. Play on!

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Welcome Tony. Must be nice to have a jam buddy in the same house.

Welcome tony. You shared yet another inspirational story here. Keep rocking out and never give up.

Good to see you here Tony, thanks for the intro !
Never too old to rock and roll and you join the ranks of old dogs having a ball!


Hello Tony, a very warm welcome to the community.
Having a blast is what it is all about.
Have fun and learn songs!