Tony's version of Method acting

This is a favourite song of mine. For several reasons, one topic that’s been discussed in other threads is the way playing music helps with depression. In this song there’s a line “I feel better when I sing” that really resonates with me.

The other reason is how much I enjoy the social aspect of playing guitar especially when we attend musos gatherings and festivals. The line “so thank you friends for the time we shared”, in fact that whole section, really expresses how much I love the social side of music and sharing songs with others.

It’s a live recording, so I’m not worried about what I could do with it in production. Some of the chords are played as cleanly as I like, funny thing is I played it earlier in the morning and had one play through that was the best I’ve ever done, pity I didn’t have the recorder going then.

Method Acting

This song is a cover of Dave Rawling’s cover of the song. He does it as a medley with Cortez the killer. My cover is only of the Method acting song.


Enjoyable song, Tony, thanks for sharing.

And of course it is always better when the recorder is not running, at least that’s true for me.

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@DavidP ahhhh the one that got away and it gets better in the imagination and with the retelling. :mermaid:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: And so my guitar playing is now into the realm of the fisherman’s tale. Classic Maggie :laughing:

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This works really well Tony. There’s a lot of very nice chords, fancy finger-work and a vocal quality I find appealing. Although I’m not live, I’m alive and happily applauding you :clap:

Hi Tony,
Well played :sunglasses:, very good to read that it does you so much good … but to mess with my head like this…and I mean the photo on soundcloud :thinking:… …
okay, actually it’s great, but these are those moments when I’m glad I don’t use drugs :upside_down_face:
I wish you an amazing good day,
Greetings ,rogier

Ah Tony, nothing like an uplifting song about embracing our death to chase away the black dog :rofl:
… and yes, I’m serious!
I’m surprised I don’t know the song. It’s my kind of music and you do a wonderful version of it. I will revisit one day to figure out your picking patterns, I found them particularly pleasing.
You namecheck the creek, but are you be able to credit the birds in your backing band? :wink:

That was wonderful Tony.

I’ve never heard the song before but I really enjoyed it.

It’s nice when a song resonates with us and even better when it can help to lift that black cloud.

Don’t know the song Tony but I enjoyed that a lot. Super fingerstyle on display there along with an emotional vocal.

A melody with Cortez the Killer? I must look that one up.

Wow, you are all so kind. Thanks, it does dispel the doubt I had after posting it. Whew!!!

@sairfingers Here’s where I learned it from: Dave Rawlings & Gillian Welch - Method Acting + Cortez The Killer - YouTube

@brianlarsen I’m assuming you mean the line: Soon I will disappear? I pondered changing that line as it sounded a bit more morbid than I cared for, but stuck with it as it could mean simply that I’ll soon be on the road again. The finger style I use for that is a syncopated travis picking style of pattern that I call “change your life” as I learned it from a you tube video:

@roger_holland - I was very happy with how that photo turned out. Photoshop is a wonderful tool. I wish I could take credit. It was done by my late great friend Steve.

@batwoman - thanks, you are as always a gem

@DavidP - Indeed annoying, I’ve been wanting to record that song for weeks yet kept smudging fingering on chords and such, then this morning it was really good. But no recorder. Sigh.

@SgtColon - Thank you.


I actually mean most of the song :wink:
It’s funny the way we often interpret art differently,
This whole song screams death and reincarnation to me (in a wistful, accepting way). If you just rearrange the sequence of some of the lyrics you might understand where I’m coming from:

Soon I will disappear
I’ve made peace with the falling leaves
I see their same fate in my own body
But I won’t be frightened when I’m awoken from this dream
And returned to that which, gave birth to me
Gave birth to me, gave birth to me, gave birth to me
And the story goes
And it goes on and on and on and on (repeating endlessly)

I’ve grown too old in my pain
To shed this skin, be born again
Oh, it starts with the ending
So, thank you friends for the time we shared
please keep the tape rolling
Boys, keep strumming those guitars
We need a record of our failures
Yes, we must document our love
There’s no beginning to the story
A bookshelf sinks into the sand
You know I truly wish I could keep hanging around here
My joy is covering me

Thanks for the fingerpicking link. I thought it sounded more complicated when you played it, but had a quick try and I don’t think it’s more difficult than Justin’s introductory fingerstyle patterns. I think I shall incorporate them into my meagre ‘arsenal’.
Cheers for that :smiley:

Edit: Just listened to the Rawlings/Welch link. Wow!
(Does not dispel my view as she intoduces it as a really long depressing song :wink:)

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Yes,…certainly …left and right…high and low…etc.

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Absolutely. The bits that jump out for me are lines like I don’t know what tomorrow brings, it’s alive with such possibilities… I feel better when I sing and the gracious thank you friends for the time we’ve shared.

Glad the fingerpicking link worked for you, it’s one of my staple patterns that I use in many songs.

Yeah, the Rawlings version is wow. I was conflicted in trying to play it as I have no chops that compare to his, yet, in the end, I’m happy with my version. I’d forgotten all about them introducing it as another depressing song.

Love the fingerstyle Tony.
You definitely relax into it, nailing it once the nerves settle.

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That was lovely Tony really enjoyed it despite getting the same vibe from the lyrics as Brian but hey nothing wrong in that message in my book, Thanks for the finger picking video, as I have just returned to fingerstyle the last month or so and love the sound of that pattern. :sunglasses:

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That was great Tony and I hope you are not planning to disappear anytime soon on us at the forum as music you play is really a treat. Such a simple pattern and you made it sound really full and nice, well done.

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@liaty - Thanks, yeah, that red light syndrome nerves did it to me… again

@TheMadman_tobyjenner - You rock! Thanks

@adi_mrok - Thanks, no plans to disappear, I’m enjoying the forums for sure, about to post my learning log

Hi Tony,
Hey, I find this pleasing to the ear. Nicely played, sung and put together. Pretty good tone on the guitar, makes it all come together. I would like to hear if you could up the game much by making it a production?

All the best and keep rock’n,

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I wasn’t familiar with this song, so thank you for introducing it to me. Nicely performed; I enjoyed it.

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