Toothpaste Kisses by Maccabees

Hi All,

I’m about to jump into the intermediate course and probably should try some songs a bit harder than this, but really enjoyed learning this song by the Maccabees. Always appreciate feedback on the playing. This was my first song I’ve played without a pick during the rhythm parts.
Here’s the video:


Well done, MZ. I’d say all those barre chords and over-dubbing the lead is plenty hard enough to be doing at the end of Grade 3 (depending perhaps on how much experience you had before starting with Justin’s programme).

I thought your rhythm play was pretty solid and your recording sat well over the original. That said, my ears aren’t good enough to comment on how well you were in the groove with the original.

Rhythm tone sounded good, liberal use of reverb.

I enjoyed the lead though thought every now and then it was a little drowned out by the rhythm.

Have fun getting stuck into the IM modules.

I wasn’t familiar with that song, but it was lovely…mellow and pretty. Well played, I’m in no position to be a critic, but I enjoyed it :blush:

Don’t know the original but I enjoyed that MZ. My only issue is I don’t know what was you and what was the backing track. Overall it was great. But if you want comments on your performance………I can’t.

I actually stripped out any guitar track that wasn’t mine with a program so only the bass drums and vocal are part of a backing track.

That was superb MZ.

Not familiar with the song but I really enjoyed it. Some good guitar work in there.

I look forward to your future offerings.

Well done! That’s not an easy rhythm to play consistently over many bars. You did well with it, though. You were off a bit (timing wise) here and there, but brought it back and kept it going. My only suggestion on the lead is to maybe add some subtle vibrato here and there (I know you added some at the end, but I was kind of wanting some earlier). And maybe bump up the level of the lead, as it was pretty quiet in the mix.

The stripped out backing track sounded a bit odd, to me. Definitely a cool practice tool, though. It may be a consequence of the modified backing track, but I found the rhythm part a little too prominent. You might consider dialing the reverb back a bit. A more significant enhancement might be to roll back your rhythm guitar volume during the vocal sections. And/or experiment with switching pickup positions in the different sections to shift the rhythm guitar’s prominence and sound in different sections.

Hopefully those suggestions don’t come across as negative, as that’s certainly not my intent. I think you did great, but I want to offer some potentially useful feedback other than just “good job.” :slight_smile:

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Nice! Well done and thanks for sharing your playing!

Love and appreciate the feedback! Yeah definitely had some timing issues, and something that’s been more challenging for me is vibrato in the middle of a lead part – feel like I’m still trying so hard just to keep up with timing of the notes. Also agreed on the mixing, that’s something I still need to get right.

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