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Where is the strumming pattern written out? I would have expected it was there with the cords…

Hello @lassel and welcome to the community.
From about 4 minutes Justin explicitly states that the best way to learn the strumming pattern is for you to write it down yourself. USe the cog wheel to slow the video and write down exactly what Justin demonstrates and describes.
For 1/16th patterns it really is the best way to view and learn them.
Justin also mentions it is in his songbook and is written out there - a good reason to buy a book and support the site! :slight_smile:

I don’t mind supporting the site, but I am already a subscriber … so don’t understand why I need to buy a book as well or copy the info manually off a free video?

There are copyright issues with some songs, and the copyright agreements vary between different types of media.

Essentially you can describe a strumming pattern in detail on a video under fair use allowance, but you can’t put that same strumming pattern into print without a copyright agreement.
Even the suggested strumming pattern in the book varies slightly from the official TAB, as if you happen to view a TAB on sheet music direct, you can view the first page of any sheet music they sell.

The songbook qualifies this song as monster barre workout, I’m up to the challenge. Let’s see in 2 weeks how it turns out to strengthen that thumb muscle.