ToshS - April 2024 - NGD Black Strat - Sunshine of Your Love + another Folsom Prison Blues cover

Here’s another good one going back to the Justin Guitar Rock Songbook. May not be quite in my Johnny Cash wheelhouse, but it sure is fun to rock out once in a while. And a proper tribute for the new black Strat, I figured :slight_smile: Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions, always welcome!


Nailed the guitar tone. Loved it!

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Good job Tosh ! Nice playing and singing ! Great rendition of this iconic song.

Keep it up with the rock songbook :slight_smile:

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Good toi hear you rocking, Tosh, enjoyed the tones, your vocal intrepretation.

Looks like you may have over-dubbed the vocal? No worries if you did. Irrespective, I’d love to bring the vocal and guitar more together. I think the vocal feels like it is sitting a little out front. Sadly, not immediately sure of what to suggest.


Really liked that one - takes me back to my youth! Loved it when you kicked the chords in. It’s amazing what you can do with just guitar and vocal (no Ginger and Jack).

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Good tune to do and good job on it.

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Thanks, I was happy with the tone too!

Yeah, good call. Going back and listening I agree with you. For me it’s not the easiest song to sing and play at the same time, but that does add a whole different challenge, especially since I didn’t have a drum beat / backing track / metronome to play to.

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Thinking a little more Tosh, if you have a clean guitar and vocal track then maybe the simplest trick to try in post-production is to duplicate the guitar track. Then pan thw two tracks left and right and add a slight delay, say 30-50ms on one. This makes use of the Haas Effect and will create some stereo width on the guitar. The consier the guitar vocal levels. Perhaps also consider the fx on your vocal track. And once you become familiar with those post production moves you can get the benfits pretty quickly as I am sure you don’t want to end with hours of post production in making a video like this.

Nice one Tosh. Have you checked Justin’s lesson on this one? It looks and sounds like you’re playing the bassline - which most tabs have - Eric plays a lot of double stops and vibrato in the guitar parts for this one that adds a lot more blues to it.

Yeah, that’s not how I did it in the initial production, but that’s a good idea maybe for a next step. In Reaper I’ve struggled to use effects to find a guitar tone I was happy with. So something to keep tweaking / learning.

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Yeah, I think I’ve watched that video from Justin multiple times. Understanding and executing those bluesy double stops and vibrato are two very different things for me. :laughing:

Thanks for the comment and suggestion!

That’s the way, Tosh.

Do you have an amp sim plug-in? I use Waves GTR which is not too bad. There are probably better ones. And a range of costs, including free.

If you have such a plug then you can also use different tones on the duplicated guitar tracks. In an original I released (listen to me :rofl:) a couple of months back the guitar sound was a mix of doubled and multi-tracked parts and different tones. I think it ended up sounding pretty good.

Yeah, I have the free version of Amplitube, which I think is called Amplitube 5 CS. I may just need to learn how to use that better because it supposedly has two Fender style clean ampls and two marshall style dirty amps.

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Go easy on yourself, big guy! Sounded good in the neighborhood. You have a legit Fender strat to bang on, play on playa!

Oh, man, what would Johnny say??? Well, you were playing a black guitar.
Great start on this, Tosh, and some good tones. Understanding and executing those double stops will open up a whole new world of playing for you, not to mention a lot of fun playing them.

Hey Tosh,
Gotta love that black Fender! Sounds good in your hands mate! Nice tone you got going there… I enjoyed your rendition of this one and expect to hear more from the dark one. But I wonder if Cash had one the those guitars?

Take care,

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Hey LB. Good to hear from you. Thanks for the compliment! No Strats in Cash’s arsenal as far as I know. But Luther Perkins, his main guitar player, did regularly play a Telecaster, which I also own. He also occasionally played Fender Jazzmaster and Jaguars.

Well, it’s been a little over a year since I last did a Folsom Prison cover, so here we go again! Audio isn’t great as it’s just an iPhone recording, and you can hear the wind a bit (back porch picking). I feel like my approach to this song was different than in the past. More straight up strumming and less boom chick-a boom stuff. In the context of a solo performance somehow this feels more natural.

Let me know what you think!


Good version Tosh and as always your voice suits JC songs.
To be honest however I think this song needs more of the boom chucka boom strum pattern. It simulates the train coming down the tracks and gives the song its atmosphere.
Just my opinion of course. You’ve made the song your own so well done.