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I’ve bought a track from and it has a strange start. The record doesn’t start in the same way as the track I downloaded does. Is this a thing with karaoke-version and is it something I’m going to have to try and work out how to play it in time with or have I got a faulty track?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey Stefan,
You’re probably going to have to share the tracks for comparison if you want a useful response :wink:
On the other hand, you’ll probably learn even more if you spend a bit of time trying to figure out what’s different about it (Capo, substituted chords, different rhythm…?)
Good luck and look forward to your karaoke :smiley:

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Brian, do you know how I upload a MP3 to the site? I’m happy to share so people can listen. It’s a very odd beginning compared to the actual record. :smiley:

When you hear it you can hear the difference. It’s like there is a whole bar missing from the beginning with a bit of guitar twanging in there.


I suggest dropping in something like Google Drive and sharing the link. Did you buy a custom track and down load the stems ? Did you customise using mute and download a hybrid track ? What is the song, I’ll look at the site, as not experienced this before and have but a number (!) of BT there.

As Brian says sound comparisons will help.


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Hopefully I’ve done this right :smiley:

Here is the link to the file Coldplay_Yellow(Custom_Backing_Track).mp3 - Google Drive

And here is the video Coldplay - Yellow (Official Video) - YouTube

I don’t know what stems are and I just took out the vocals from the track.

Thank you Toby.

You probably bought a “for guitar” backing track, right?
You’re expected to play the “main” guitar part… in this case the song starts with just the acoustic strumming for 2 bars (you play this), then on bar 3 a secondary guitar kicks in… which is the first sound heard from the backing track…

It’s of course hard to play along to this, when there is no click… basically you don’t know when to start, so it’ll match the backing track. If you want I think you can download a version with a click as well.


I think Kasper could be right Stefan but your Drive file is labelled Custom. Certainly the custom version shows the acoustic intro. Was this the version you bought VVVVVV ?


That is correct Kasper and that all makes sense.

I have added the click and downloaded it again. I’ll give it a try later when I’m practicing.

That was the version Toby but just going back and looking at what I had customised I’d dropped the acoustic bit, so yes, I think Kasper is spot on.

Thank you for your help everyone. :slight_smile:

And thank you Toby for the recommendation of the Karaoke site, it’s great. :+1:

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Ooops that make sense !

Just avoid the Karaoke MP4 versions of anything. You’ll spend £12 for nowt unless you plan to rewrite the lyrics. Done that a few times in error !! Good thing about the Custom downloads is they are always available to redownload once bought.

What I meant by Stems are the individual tracks. For example I would down all 13 parts/stems separately and load up into my DAW Reaper. That gives me a reference for the parts I want to play or sing and can be stripped out once I have record my bits. Hope that clarifies what I meant ?

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Thanks for the heads-up there Toby. I’ll not stay there, as that is quite expensive for a backing track. Yeah I do like that you can go back and tinker with it and then re-download.

Yes, that makes sense and once I get in to playing with Reaper I’m sure that will be something I do.

I’ve used Karaoke-version for many years and have only purchased custom tracks ($ 2.99/Each). Vast content and really good versions of songs.

As mentioned in a previous post, download each track separately (or put together things like Bass and drum). I then import to garageband each track and can choose which tracks to mute or play along with recording my own multiple guitar tracks. I’ve created over 30 songs using this method …


Good call Bob and welcome. Sounds like you’ve been around a while. Why not pop over to
and say Hi to everyone ?