Transcribe Software/Apple Music

I want to start transcribing and was looking at Transcribe Software per Justin’s recommendation. I use Mac and Apple Music. Since Transcribe’s website isn’t very helpful (no offense), I have a question before I plop down $40 to purchase it. Question: how do I grab a song from my Music library and export it to Transcribe? I can’t find on my Mac the raw AAC file – so do I just “COPY” the song title from my playlist and “PASTE” it into Transcribe? (or drag and drop?).

Transcribe will only work with local songs. It won’t work with any streaming services, because streaming services put some copy protection on their streams to prevent you downloading them (and, this, not having to stream them).

I believe Transcribe will work with songs you have specifically purchased and downloaded, rather than just any old song you stream.



Thanks for the reply Keith. Being a long time Mac user, I’ve come to hate Apple Music. At some point they usurped my entire Music library that was downloaded to my iMAC and replaced it with digital versions available from their catalog and now albums/cds that I own and had in my library won’t allow me access to some songs, and others are different versions of songs that were on my original album. Oh what we sacrifice for convenience… anyway thanks again and be well.