Transcribing and Backing Track Question

Didn’t know where to post either of these questions to get a response so here goes.
Do I need to download one of the songs suggested by Justin to start learning how to transcribe songs and the best place to download the song from (preferably for free, hahaha)?
Once I have the song, the best way or software to use to play the song back as I start to try and transcribe? Justin mentioned Audacity, not sure if this would help.

Playing along with Justin’s Backing tracks…
I got Justin’s Majors backing tracks and just wondering do I use the C major scale to play along with them or the blues scale or minor pentatonic scale or some other scale?

Any help would be appreciated by this geezer! Thanks!!!

To get started, my suggestion would be YouTube. (You don’t need to download the songs)

  1. I think all the songs Justin suggests are already there.

  2. You can slow down the playback speed in YouTube Settings

  3. You can quickly rewind a few seconds to listen to the same section again (on my IPad, it’s a double tap on the left to rewind 10 seconds)

  4. YouTube works on all popular mobile and desktop platforms

If you want more specific advice on Apps, you should tell us what hardware you have.

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That’s what I would suggest to anyone, free easy and available instantly to any level guitar player.

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Ted, the first thing to be aware of is what key the backing track is in. Then you can use the major scale. I expect there’ll be an option in the key of C, then use the C major scale that you have learned.

If you have learned the major scale in the key of G with the root note on the 3rd fret of the 6 string then remember that the pattern is moveable. You can play the same pattern in the key related to what the root note is eg if you move the root note up to the 5th fret and play the same pattern then that is the major scale in the key of A.

You can also experiment with the minor pentatonic or blues scales. Typically used when playing over a bluesy backing track, and the bluesy sound comes from notes in the scale ‘clashing’ with notes in the major chords of the blues backing. So you could use the minor pentatonic or blues scale and your ears may tell you that over certain chords in the backing some of the notes in the scale don’t sound good.

You will find similar when playing notes from the major scale over the backing tracks you have. I shan’t go into the theory, again use your ears and see what you discover.