Transcribing Difficult Riffs

Do you dare transcribe these very difficult riffs?

These are excellent riffs to improve your transcribing. They’re not particularly hard under the fingers and they’re not difficult to remember either.

The hardest part, for me at least, is keeping an open mind. Once you got the first few notes down, you’ll have an idea of the key and/or scale that are being used. The trick is to really listen for each note and don’t just pick one of the notes that you’d expect. Sometimes the notes are outside of the key you’re in, or blue notes, or passing notes etc.

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Do we have the finished transcribes anywhere? I have real fun doing these challenges but……

On a couple of occasions (on previous lessons) I’ve gone and checked on UG and been a key out or way off. Even when convinced I was on it.

It would be cool to have the riffs somewhere to cross check against.

FWIW - I spent about 40mins on beat it today. Was really difficult on acoustic, switched to my electric and it was a bit easier. I had the first couple of notes correct on the acoustic but then there was a bigger jump that I wasn’t matching correctly until I got the electric out.