Transfer app from android phone to iPad

Not sure where to post this… I’m a subscriber to the lessons and songs app, also the fretboard one, metronome etc. I recently also paid for lifetime access to the locked items in theory.
I’ve been using them on my android phone, but the screen is small for following whilst playing. So I just invested in an iPad and have logged in ok on the web, I downloaded the app but can’t seem to log in to it on the iPad. Anyone help me please.,

The iOS app is paid for via Apple, the Android version is not, it is paid for via the Playstore so this means that the App can’t be transferred cross platform. If you raise the problem via @Richard_close2u he may be able to advise the best way to get it sorted out.

@TangleJangle Toni can you take the ipad back and get an Samsung tablet? Apple does not play nice with others and you need to buy the App from the Apple store for it to work on the ianything.

If you get a tablet that runs android you can transfer the app over and use it on you phone.
If you have a Samsung Smart TV you can screen share with you phone as well. There is a thread on how to do it. Or maybe some one who knows how will pop by and explain it.

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This is the same in pretty much any app. The store and ownership are completely separate and usually require rebuying the app on the other platform.

I’m afraid you can’t transer from apple to android and vice versa

You can transfer between Android devices though

That’s a blow! I have been able to log into other apps that I purchased for my android for example Ultimate Guitar. No probs at all with that and same with all the other stuff I’ve tried so far :frowning:

send an email
They can help you more than I can; since I can’t offer real support for the app myself.
You’ll always miss if you don’t fire the shot.

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Simply logging into an app is not the same thing. The Ultimate Guitar app is free, and your Ultimate Guitar account is central. It’s maintained by Ultimate Guitar themselves, and you pay them directly to obtain access to the “pro” features. Hence you can use their services on any available platform.

The Justin Guitar app is not free, being entirely subscription-based. The subscription fees are handled by Google and Apple, not by Justin Guitar, and are linked to your respective accounts on those platforms. Since they are different (and rival) companies they do not share data, or allow cross-platform use of apps which you’ve only paid for on one or the other platform.

Think of it this way. When you buy a game on an XBox, you cannot then play it on a Playstation too. Same thing with mobile phones in most cases. That’s why it is usually best to decide on a platform, and then stick to it. Unless you’re rich.

I agree entirely with all of this.

It would, however, be interesting if @MusopiaApps explored a similar model to the UG model where, instead of buying the app, you bought a subscription to a central account which was accessed by the app.

I realise this would be a substantial change to the platform and a lot of development work.

The advantages would not only include the ability to move the app between platforms without losing work and having to buy a new app, but the ability to save and synchronise progress between devices and to transfer progress to a new device.




I do pay for UG though and can still get all the access on the iPad.
I hesitated about getting apple because I’ve always been android and I know they used to be very incompatible. But I thought there was a way to do both nowadays and love em or hate em I think their tablets are probably the best. I bought a refurb so no, I’m not rich! Not had a tablet for ages so thought I’d try Apple.
Live and learn!

In the short term could you mirror from your android phone to smart TV or iPad and in the long-term cancel the annual subscription with Google and take out a new subscription with Apple on the renewal date?

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Hi All,

Our development team are working super hard to deliver a login button for the Justin app that will allow users to shift between Android and iOS easily whilst retaining all of their progress.

We are currently trialling this and we hope that this feature will go live before the end of 2022!

Apologies for any inconveniences caused by this until its release date and if you do require any assistance in the meantime please contact us via: so we can help in any way we can :slight_smile:


As I said, you pay UG directly and your account is with them. With the JG app your account is your Google or Apple account, with payment being made to those services individually. Hence the separate logins, separate subscriptions, and cross-platform incompatibility.

Sounds like Musopia are going down the route of centralised accounts soon though, which is nice. This will be a non-issue once that happens.


Might as well raise a similar query.
I have the app on my iPad which is linked to the apple account we have at home.
My work iPhone uses a different apple account.
The question is can I download the app on my iPhone and somehow log in so I don’t have to pay again.

only if you use your apple account on your work phone if that is even possible.

Rick @stitch
Thanks thats what I thought,
I could change it but not likely to use the app on my iPhone very often.
Michael :+1: