Traveler--April 2024: Against The Wind--Bob Seger, Where Everybody Knows Your Name ("Cheers" Theme Song)--Foy Vance, Only God Knows Why--Kid Rock

Hello all!

I got in the studio tonight to work on a few tunes. I have been dabbling with this song for a while, but I always skipped over the solo, and I always skipped the end, up until today.

I need to take a closer look at what Bob Seger does live at the end of this song, but it’s definitely not what he does in the original studio version of the song (as his vocals are layered). I took a stab at it and I think that it came out pretty decent.

I’m currently on spring break, which of course is great, but it also means that I get to sneak in more guitar work, practice and performing than usual. I took March off from gigging, to consolidate, and mostly because I got sick of throwing my gear around in the snow and muck. I have some gigs coming up and some collaborations with other musicians, so stay tuned!

I hope that you all like my initial rendition of the entire song! The solo at the end isn’t great, but it’s a start! Happy jamming folks! Any feedback is always appreciated.

Against The Wind–Bob Seger (YouTube version)

Against The Wind–Bob Seger (Studio Version)



Really good versions of a great song. The best of your vocals I’ve heard on here. Your guitar accompaniment is consistent and the balance of voice and guitar is good. Your guitar could possibly do with a little more bass to its sound.

There’s another version of this song, by Cat Power, which goes in another direction. Your vocals and delivery remind me of Son Volt and Bonnie Prince Billy.


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Hello Travis, that was a very enjoyable rendition of this great song :blush:.
The power of your voice is impressive and suits so well to this song.

I like the different strumming patterns you used. The single-hit-strums (is this the correct term :thinking:?) added an interesting accent to the melody.
I would have loved to see your hands on the video. Maybe something to think of for the next recording :blush:.

Really well done :smiley::clap:!

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Thank you for listening and the feedback @beejay56 !! My friends tell me that I song Bob Seger well.

I think that I need to track individual guitar settings a little better. I’ll plug a different one in and not adjust the settings that need to be adjusted from axe to axe.

Your comment inspired me to create some type of tracking system for that, so big thanks!

Thank you very much @NicoleKKB !!

I tried to mix up my strums a bit on this one. I revert to old faithful a lot when I’m concentrating more on other aspects of a song, but I’m slowly breaking that.

Also, I just got a new webcam (I was hoping somebody would notice the video quality enhancement of my videos!) and I’m still trying to figure out how to best use it/place it/not have shaking/etc. even bumping my table a bit gives it a little mix up. Ha

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I always enjoy seeing your covers, Travis. Good job on this one. Very long song! haha

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Thank you very much @ToshS !! It’s a tough one to get all the way through! I almost need to figure out how to bring a harmony in at the end. Not sure yet. But it was a fun one to pull together :+1:

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I’m wondering how many people will remember this next classic!

Theme songs. Scategories with songs kinda deal.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name—Foy Vance (YouTube)

Where Everybody Knows Your Name—Foy Vance (Studio)

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I have been working on the upper registers of my voice lately, and I just paid for Justin’s strumming course, so I’m excited to get going on that!

This one needs more work but I can see it being towards the end of my 2nd live set eventually.

Only God Knows Why—Kid Rock

Only God Knows Why—Kid Rock (Studio)

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Another good performance. The sound from your guitar is far rounder with good voicing of chords from bass to terble end.


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Thank you @beejay56 !! I’m trying to get more consistent with that. I just downloaded the Neural Guitar Amp to try to get more control over the EQ. I still have to get more acquainted with it, but it seems to be the perfect match for Guitar Rig 6/7, that I have been using for a little bit now.