Traveler—August 2023: Nothing Compares 2 U--Prince, I Am The Highway--Audioslave, The Man Who Sold The World--Nirvana, Nutshell--Alice In Chains

Hello all!

This summer is flying by, but it’s been a great one for my guitar journey.

I plan to only pursue and practice rock songs this month, attempting to diversify a little bit. I’ve been jamming a lot of country, but I really want to establish more of a mix. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a Prince song (in the Chris Cornell vein).
RIP Sinead O’Connor

[YouTube Link](Nothing Compares 2 U–Prince

SoundCloud studio link


2nd song from the session!! I generally try to record at least 2 at a time now. I had problems uploading (Google drive) so I think I need to streamline some of that, but it’s whatever.

I’m really liking my new (used) Gretsch Electronica. I have tried doing some research and it’s inconclusive, but I think that it dates to the late 80’s. The peavey bandit amp I bought with it is a 1989. That needs work but the guitar plays like butter to me. I have been practicing a lot of the blues section out of grade 4 tonight (a gold mine when people get to that point by the way). Cheers all!

[I Am The Highway—Audioslave ] YouTube (I Am The Highway—Audioslave - YouTube)

I Am The Highway—Audioslave (Studio version)

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They were really good Travis and it is nice to see you doing something a little different.

That guitar does like pretty sweet as well.

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Thank you @SgtColon !! I’m trying to push my comfort walls a bit this month. I jammed with a bass player for the first time last night (a really good bass player at that), so I also might be in the process of collaborating and….creating a band one piece at a time.

I will be the frontman/rhythm guitar/lead vocalist in whatever the project turns into :+1:

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Here’s another rock jam!!

The Man Who Sold The World—Nirvana (YouTube)

The Man Who Sold The World—Nirvana (SoundCloud)

Although it’s not quite @adi_mrok 's version, here is a song that I have been working on for a couple of weeks. I envision this being an opening anthem for me when I play live (eventually).

Nutshell–Alice In Chains