Traveler—December 2023: No Words, Cody Jinks

Heya all!

I’ve been super busy lately, with work, kids, hunting season, winter approaching, sickness flying around, a work trip to Nashville (giggity) and all kinds of exciting real life things.

I have a gig this weekend that I’m rehearsing for tonight and I figured that I would record a song. This is by Cody Jinks, who is my absolute favorite artist to listen to right now. If you haven’t heard him and you like country even a little, I highly recommend him!

I hope that you like my version of this tune. Any feedback is always welcomed :+1:

No Words—Cody Jinks (YouTube)

No Words—Cody Jinks (Studio version)


I like the deep tone of your voice sitting below the guitar. Hadn’t heard of Cody Jinks but has vibes of Josh T Pearson. Good luck with your gig.


Nice one as always Travis. You certainly have the perfect voice for country music. Keep ‘‘em coming!


Thank you very much @Sound_Bound !! I’ll have to check out Josh T Pearson :+1:

Thank you @Eddie_09 !! I sang it quite a bit differently than Cody’s original, but I think that it came out pretty good. Happy holiday season to you, and thanks for listening!

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Happy holidays everybody!

Here is a holiday song, which I am mostly focusing on for the duration of the month, with a couple of gigs mixed in :+1:

Silent Night (YouTube)

Silent Night (studio version)

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