Traveler—February 2024: Austin—Blake Shelton, Desperado—The Eagles, Creep--Stone Temple Pilots

Heya all!

This is a really important song to me, and as Justin would say, this is a “dreamer” song. I don’t think that my initial recording of it is very good. However….

It’s a song that I have looked at and tried to play several times throughout my journey, without any success. I think that I play 21 different chords in this song. I returned to it a few days ago and worked on it quite a bit to just get it to a point of plausibility.

It needs work still. I think that I rushed some of the parts. And I semi-jacked up the key change in the 3rd verse. But…I’m happy! I couldn’t play the whole song a few months ago, and now I can. I have a base, a foundation to work off. Thanks to Justin!

I do not and have not professed my unconditional admiration and respect for Justin enough. I’m still pinching myself along the path of this crazy journey. I picked up a guitar in May of 2020 without having a clue what to do with it. My vocals and guitar are improving daily thanks to his wonderful methods, and I’m turning down gigs left and right because of real world responsibilities (primarily my day job—teaching history, and my 3 kids).

I have intentions soon of having a series with just songs that are inspired from his lessons. I probably don’t do that enough either. Yet, I’m ecstatic that he has given me, and guided me towards the tools that prepare me to play the songs and artists that I love.

So folks, I know that we are all thankful to Justin, but for this tune, I hear his voice in my head through this whole damn song, and I’m so thankful for it.

Austin—Blake Shelton (YouTube)

Austin—Blake Shelton (SoundCloud)


Also, for what it’s worth, I’ve been to Austin, Texas—one of the music capitals of the world. It’s amazing :+1:

Blockquote I couldn’t play the whole song a few months ago, and now I can.

Sweet dude, thats pretty awesome. Justinguitar is amazing.

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Hi Travis,

another striking performance full of power and emotions!

This makes me happy for you! :smiley: It’s such a great feeling to reach the goal of being able to play one of our dreamer’s list. It can be a little more polished, but as you said, you have a foundation to built upon and it is already a quite solid one.

And you’re so right with everythin you say about Justin and his teaching. Without him, none of us would have come to the place we’re at now and I’m also very grateful for that! :smiley:

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Absolutely @ontime1969 !! It has been perfect for the way that I learn, apparently. Keep rockin :+1:

Thank you for your feedback @Lisa_S !! The song definitely needs a polish and a heavy practice with the ending.

I really meant all of that too. I had a gig last night with a full band behind me for the first time. They are all excited and want to bend to what I do and stand for. It’s cool. Stay tuned :+1:


Hi Travis,
I was surprised to see another on here post a Blake Shelton song. I have put up a few, most of the time with @pkboo3, in duet form. But you got me on this song as I had not heard it. Then I realized it was back a few years and it made sense.

Good job on this one. You sure have a nice voice and it sounded good here. I liked your play as well. Keep up the great job and be well!


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Hi Travis, after just a few years of playing guitar already performing one of your dreamer songs - how cool is that :star_struck:?!
Congratulations on reaching this goal :partying_face::bouquet::champagne:!!

I’ve never heard this song before, but I really like it. Lots of chord changes involved. Definitely not easy to play and remember.
And your voice - so powerful and moving :star_struck:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:!

By the way, there is a song in my playlist, everytime I hear it, it reminds me of your voice and I wonder whether that would be an interesting song for you :thinking:.
It’s: ‘To leave something behind’ by Sean Rowe
Maybe you’d like to give it a listen :slightly_smiling_face:.

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How cool is that :star_struck:?!
You’re definitely going your way - step by step.
Congratulations on this milestone :partying_face::bouquet::champagne:!

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Wow, this sounds amazing, Travis! :clap: What a great achievement and cool possibility to play with a band! I’m really looking forward how your path will continue! That’s great news. :smiley:

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Thank you @LBro !! I always appreciate your feedback.

This tune was Blake Shelton’s first hit. The link below shows him performing it in a lovely, intimate live performance surrounded by amazing musicians. He is a talented guy!

Thank you for your feedback @NicoleKKB !!! I have a few dreamer songs under my belt now, but a pile to go! It is always such a satisfying feeling to check one off the list.

I feel like this song needs more work and polish, but it’s a good start! I will check out the song that you recommended right now. Thank you for that!

Here is another that I recorded yesterday :+1:

Desperado—The Eagles (YouTube)

Desperado—The Eagles (SoundCloud)

Thank you @Lisa_S !! A bunch of people were taking videos so I’m hoping to get my hands on one or two, but I got another shot with some of the band in the caption. It was a great evening!

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I got some studio time in before the Super Bowl!

I thought that this one came out the best. It needs more practice, and I was trying to blend the chorus a little bit. That part will take a bit, but I hope that you guys like it!

Creep—Stone Temple Pilots (YouTube)

Creep—Stone Temple Pilots (SoundCloud)

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