Traveler—January 2024: Long Black Train--Josh Turner, A Woman Like You--Lee Brice, Northern Wind--City and Colour, Buy Me A Boat--Chris Janson

Hello all!

Life has been pretty hectic lately, but I got to mess around in the studio a little tonight so I recorded a tune.

In the gospel vein, this is a pretty cool tune by one of the deepest voices in music, Mr Josh Turner.

Any feedback is always appreciated. Happy new year all!

Long Black Train—Josh Turner (YouTube)

Long Black Train—Josh Turner (SoundCloud)


Nice Travis!
Deep and mellow tone.
Well done :+1:

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Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

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Well done, Travis. :clap:

Well played, steady rhythm there. Vocals were great, you’ve got a unique, deep timbre that fits these kind of tunes really well. Only thing I felt, sometimes vocals were a little close to distortion, especially towards the end when you’re giving it all you have (which I liked). Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable listen. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @tRONd !! I thought that it came out pretty well. Here is another from this morning :+1:

A Woman Like You—Lee Brice (YouTube)

A Woman Like You—Lee Brice (SoundCloud)

Thank you for listening @Willsie01 !!

Thank you for the awesome feedback @Lisa_S !!

I agree, and I got a ways to go as far as adjusting sound levels in the DAW, as well as setting up the OBS parameters.

It seems like every new setup and recording I’m learning something :+1:.

Thanks again for your helpful comments.

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Heya all!

This one was pretty tricky for me, but I had a lot of fun learning it!

For anybody that knows this song, the original is considerably different than the version that I came up with. Let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Northern Wind–City and Colour (YouTube)

Northern Wind–City and Colour (SoundCloud)

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Hi Travis.

I’m not familiar with the song, but truly enjoyed listening to your version. You had a nice steady rhythm going throughout. Keep it up


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That was excellent, Travis. You have great voice!

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Top drawer, Travis, on Long Black Train a great performance of a “southern gospel-style” song. You are blessed with your voice.
Well played , :clap:

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‘Twofers’ !! … Northern Wind - City & Colour is a sound performance too, Travis … :ok_hand:t2:
One observation; at my end I thought your guitar was little quieter this time around, as compared to your voice level.
It doesn’t spoil the show though.
Again, well played … :clap:

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Thank you very much @SDKissFan !! I don’t plan on stopping buddy :+1:

Thank you very much @Boris1565 !! I think that my guitar is starting to catch up to my voice a little, although, my solo’s still are…not great.

Thank you @Elixir1253 !! I really liked how “Long Black Train” turned out.

In my recording for “Northern Wind”, I had the guitar quieter by design. The original version of the song has a pretty quiet guitar by my ear, so I was trying to mimic that to some extent. Still, I have some things to figure out with volume levels…

Thanks again for listening and for your feedback.

Here is another tune that I just started working on. I think that I’m going to focus on Rock songs for the month of February! I have also been working on writing more but I think that all I have so far is trash. Ha!

Buy Me A Boat–Chris Janson (YouTube)

Buy Me A Boat–Chris Janson (Studio Version)

Glad to hear it. Have you ever tried music from Morgan Wallen? He has some unique music and it’s fairly easy to learn.

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I haven’t played a lot of his stuff @SDKissFan , but here is one that I recorded a few months ago :+1:

This song was really well done. Thanks for sharing

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Thank you very much @SDKissFan !! I should almost re-record that one. I feel like I have become a much better guitar player since that recording.

Here is another one—one of my favorite songs ever!

Blue On Black—Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Blue On Black—Kenny Wayne Shepherd (SoundCloud)

Took in some of most of what you got up here and all of your latest offering… Only on the last tune was the vox to guitar mix about right IMHO. One thing to try is that when you are going to go louder on the vox, try turning your head a bit to the side. Or point the mouth to over/under the mic. You should still get the dynamics you likely desire, but your vox level will be more consistent…

That said, I liked your vox, very nice. How about some Tennessee Whiskey? Might be right in your wheelhouse? At any rate, you are doing well and to my ears it sounds good.

All the best,

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