Traveler—July 2023: Beautiful Crazy—Luke Combs, The Walk—Sawyer Brown, Unchained Melody--Elvis, Can You Run--The Steeldrivers

Heya all, and happy July!

I was able to get some time in the studio this afternoon so I recorded a couple tunes!

Neither is great yet, but I think that both tunes will come in handy for different occasions in the future.

This months big practice push for me is memorizing songs that I play frequently. It really has nothing to do with this post, but that’s a little spice I added to my practice routine this month!

Happy summer jammers!

Beautiful Crazy—Luke Combs (YouTube)

Beautiful Crazy—Luke Combs (SoundCloud)


Sawyer Brown—The Walk (YouTube)

Sawyer Brown—The Walk (SoundCloud)


Sounding good there Travis. I like how you put effort into both songs and really felt them. Very enjoyable, thanks.

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Thanks @Jeff !! The Walk is actually a really difficult song for me to play because of how emotional it is. I thought they came out pretty good!

Some of the high notes in Beautiful Crazy got a little caught up, but that’s hard to sing as well. Thank you for listening!

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Solid as always Travis! :+1: liked the walk a lot more than the Luke combs song. Think your voice sounds a lot better with less effects.
But thats just me… but it is very good played and sung on both!
Thanks for sharing!! :grin:

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Thank you @tRONd !! I was messing around with a few different things in both videos. The Walk is definitely more raw. I’m still working on figuring out the studio end more and I’m having a blast with it when my kids allow me to! Ha.

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Hi Travis:

You sound amazing as always. I especially enjoyed the sawyer brown song since I haven’t heard that one in years. I hope you keep posting new music here. You have a lot of talent and a great voice. Take care


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Thank you @SDKissFan !! I’m gonna switch it up next month and only work on rock songs, probably mostly grunge but who knows! Thanks for listening!!

“The Walk” is one of my favorite songs. It really tugs at the heart strings.

On account of it being my (and my wife’s) 6th wedding anniversary, I feel obliged to share it as part of the journey.

When we got married in 2017, I hadn’t yet picked up a guitar, nor did not know anything about how to play music. I was able to perform this for her this year, and it made me happier than just about anything.

This was our wedding song. My favorite rendition is the righteous brothers version, but my style leans into Elvis a little, I think. This is just me, a guitar and my phone recording wise. I hope you all enjoy it!

Unchained Melody—Elvis


Three great songs there Travis. Of the first two I like the walk better.

I hope you wooed your wife with Unchained melody and belated happy anniversary, I hope you both had a lovely day.

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Thank you very much @SgtColon , we had a great anniversary! She hears me play guitar and sing all of the time, probably at levels that are borderline annoyance, but she did like and appreciate this one.

She did tell me the other day “you’re getting better”. I’ll take that as a win! Ha!

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As I’m a teacher and we are currently on summer break, I have a lot more time to practice/expand repertoire/work on skills/etc in the summer. I was able to travel to Gettysburg recently for professional development. I decided to take my guitar with me.

This is a recording at Gettysburg cemetery, and it was a beautiful sunset right at the time of this recording. It has some flaws, as I didn’t have the song memorized or well practiced, but it’s just me, a guitar and an iPhone at dusk overlooking cemetery ridge. What a day.

Can You Run—The Steeldrivers


Sounding good Travis. Your commitment to repertoire is great.

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Thank you @jkahn !! A little more than a year ago I set the goal of learning a song a week, and I have pretty much stuck with it.

I’m often going back and revising, adding more developed solo fills, and making alterations, but the process has worked really well to this point. I’m on the verge of pursuing some “dreamers” as Justin put it, and I might slow down to put more time into them, but I’m really happy with my repertoire so far!