Traveler—May 2023: Keep It Between The Lines--Ricky Van Shelton, Blowin In The Wind--Bob Dylan

Heya all!

I was fiddling around with my (dinosaur) equipment in my garage as the weather gets nicer in my neck of the woods.

I turned everything down for this recording; it’s pretty much just me and a guitar, with a slight amplification of both things (no effects).

I started practicing this song about a week ago. I think that’s it’s going to be a good one! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. You all rock!!

Ricky Van Shelton—Keep It Between The Lines


Hi Travis, that was very enjoyable :blush:. Both, playing and singing. This music style really suits you :+1:. You have such a powerful voice :star_struck:. Thanks for sharing :hugs:.

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Thanks for sharing this with us Travis. I think this stripped down version sounded great. I agree with Nicole that you have a very pleasant voice to listen to. It suits the country style very well.

It looks like the transition from the A7 to the Bm chord and back is the hardest part in the song, but you made the changes nicely in time.

I did notice that you stopped moving the strumming hand sometimes to accentuate certain beats. Although this didn’t have a negative effect on your timing, you could try keeping the hand moving.

I’m interested in hearing more from you, so keep’em coming.

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Thank you @NicoleKKB !! I’m playing around with Rock and Blues here and there, but I’m really finding my niche in country music, both new and old. I’m finding there is not time to do EVERYTHING, so I’m trying to focus on what I think I’m good at for a bit.

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Thank you @Jeff !!

That is great feedback. I have been practicing keeping my hand moving, but I run into hiccups during vocal portions, specifically ones that require more movement in my vocal tone.

I think it’s gotten better but I still need to keep practicing it, so thank you! I have also found that it often times doesn’t sound good to have a lot of movement on guitar taking place at the same time as vocals.

For someone who knows more, that might be where compression comes in? One improvement that I’d like to focus on soon is having my solos be louder (with a compressed minimum volume), while having it “chill” a little more during vocals. Not sure if that makes sense?!

Thanks for listening!

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Here is a tune that I recorded this afternoon. Feedback is always awesome. Rock on crew!

[Blowin In The Wind—Bob Dylan] YouTube link(Blowin In The Wind--Bob Dylan - YouTube)

Blowin In The Wind—Bob Dylan (SoundCloud)