Traveler—May 2024: Remember When—Alan Jackson

Hello all and happy month of May!

Alan Jackson is my grandfathers favorite music artist. He can’t hear anymore, but I imagine that he still hums this tune on occasion. However, I mostly performed this song today for my wife on Mother’s Day.

I screwed up at the beginning of the solo transition, and it took me a minute to find my vocal groove after the key change, but it felt good to get this one under my belt.

I hope that you all like it, and as always, any feedback is greatly respected and appreciated!

Remember When—Alan Jackson (YouTube)

Remember When—Alan Jackson (SoundCloud)


I really enjoyed that Travis. I like Alan Jackson and most things country. Beyond my play grade to offer much advice but you looked relaxed and kept good time. Well played and sang. Thanks for sharing :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Travis. This was excellent, very good strumming / rhythm and singing. I enjoyed it.

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Really nice, Travis; good guitar and vox. I’m sure your wife appreciated that on Mother’s Day. Well done!

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Hi Travis,

This is the first country song I ever learned to play and my favorite Alan Jackson song. Thanks for sharing your version. You did an amazing job.

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Well done on this one Travis! :clap:

Nothing to add from me feedback wise, as the only points I would have, you already noticed and mentioned yourself. :+1: So just take my applause for this very round and enjoyable rendition.

Love the backstory of you performing it for your wife on Mother’s Day, that’s awesome! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for listening @Tim_Wilson !! I’m glad that you enjoyed the song!

Thank you @Boris1565 !! I feel like I’m getting more consistent with strumming day by day.

I purchased Justin’s SOS strumming course a couple weeks ago and have been proceeding through that. I’m really looking forward to grade 3 of it! I’m about half way through grade 2.

Thanks @oldhead49 !! I think that she did enjoy it. She probably gets sick of my playing sometimes, because I constantly have a guitar on my hands, but she has made comments to me recently like “you’re getting really good at that thing”, so I’ll take it! Ha!

Thanks @SDKissFan !! I really appreciate the compliments Jeff. Alan Jackson has been a stable constant in the country music world for quite a while, and he never really changed. It’s impressive.

Thank you very much @Lisa_S !! The journey is super exciting, and my wife has been there with me since the beginning of it, so I owe a lot of credit to her.

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