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RE: The Old Apartment—Barenaked Ladies
Wow Travis, what an energetic performance. Really good playing and singing. Enjoyed listening a lot :smiley:.

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Thank you! That song really reminds me of my youth.

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This was my last recording in my garage. Winter is setting in now!

Grey—Cody Jinks

Hey man some nice collection you have here going! Really like how your voice sounds, I think you would do great singing Rag n Bone Man songs. I only knew Bare Naked Ladies song and I think you did it justice, well done!

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Thank you very much! I’m just trying to get better every day! I’m developing a pretty eclectic repertoire :metal:

This is one of my first recordings, from about 6 months ago, but I want to record this again soon after learning what I have since that time.

I have another thread with past recordings in it, but I haven’t figured out how to add links to the existing template. Please bear with me as I learn to navigate the site.

I kind of do my own thing with this song, but it’s one of my favorites to play!

The Sound of Silence


I was hoping to find other recordings that people have of this song, but I didn’t see any.

Hi Travis,
It’s good to see that you are so enthusiastic about posting videos, Justin also calls for that in his newsletter,…but you post so much in a row that it’s getting a bit too much to keep up with and that’s why many of your videos have already been bundled in their own topic,… it’s a good idea that you post all your older work in that thread for the time being ,…
If you stands on your own avatar and then clicks on topic’s you can find the collection thread there …
Wish you lots of fun,


Yes, thank you Roger. I tried doing that but couldn’t figure it out.

I’ll give it another go!

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@roger_holland Roger, Thanks for the tip. I’ve been in the forum for 5 months and didn’t know that :slight_smile:


I put this fingerstyle version up a while a go

I struggled to hear the version you posted, was very quiet.

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Interesting take on the song.
Vocal sounds a bit like the Disturbed version, but with a more country edge to it.

Nice one.


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I’m looking forward to listening to your version! I haven’t tried it finger style yet.

Overall, my recording quality was pretty bad in this video. All of my recordings have been on my lovely iPhone 8 so far. I need to improve that….

Thank you @Digger72!! That’s kind of what I was going for. I have a tendency to add a country vibe to a lot of what I play.

Have to agree with Digger, as soon as I heard the vocals, it cried Disturbed ! But hey that works for me as I love their version (and its more my range as well :wink: ). Well done Travis, enjoyed that.

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Thank you! The disturbed version is definitely my favorite, specifically, the live version on Jimmy Kimmel in 2016.

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Hoping to find others that also play this song/band. Cheers all! It’s really a piano song with some awesome lead fills by Zakk Wylde, but I am liking my rendition more and more.

In This River—Black Label Society

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I have a gig tomorrow night and I’m gonna try to go LIVE for this song :+1:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Never heard this before but enjoyed it. Really good and your vocals were really suited to the song. Nice job Travis.

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Thank you @Eddie_09!! Zakk Wylde is one of my favorite guitar players. This is really a piano song so it was interesting to transcribe.