Traveler - November 2022 - Travis Tritt, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Chris Stapleton, John Prine, Pink Floyd, Colter Wall & more

Thank you!!

I will definitely try that :+1:

I have somewhat recently started adding more flavor to songs that I have memorized/have played in the past. It’s seeming like I’m instinctively doing that more in rehearsal before gigs. It’s been helpful!

Hi Travis, you really have a great voice for this song in particular, really enjoyed the recording. My word of advice is to try to use some sort of a more complex yet simple strumming pattern for this, something like one below works out pretty well. I have this song on my list to learn and record one day but that’s for some other time :grinning: thanks for sharing!

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Great advice, thank you!

My strumming can get a little repetitious at times. It has improved steadily, but I probably need to focus on it a little more :+1:

I’m gonna take a look at that pattern you posted. Thanks again!

Liked your effort not bad at all!
The only thing I did notice is that you’re occasionally catching strings that should be muted, mostly on the D chord and occasionally on the C chord. On the C chord you could play it as C +G by fretting and playing the G on the low E, but the D needs to be muted using your pinkie or your thumb.

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Thank you @DarrellW !! I used to be guilty of this more often, but it’s still something I need to improve. Awesome feedback!

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Nice job there Travis. I’m not familiar with the song, but your voice sounds ideal for that style.

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Thank you @twistor59 !! I’m REALLY looking forward to having better recording equipment. I sound better live than I do in recording at the moment. Maybe Santa will bring me some new toys!!

Great stuff there Travis. I do like me a bit of Hootie.

I did learn, Home again but never did a recording of it. Maybe one to dust off and post in here.

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Thank you! He has been one of my favorites since I was a teen.

Love that song Travis and enjoyed your version, your voice is perfect for it and the emotion shone through :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

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Thank you @Nancy15 !! I need to improve and diversify some guitar parts, but that’s the journey!!

Hello all!

This recording is one of my initials, about 7 months ago now probably. It is a song which I have since put a lot of work and thought into.

It’s a relatively unknown song, and I generally gravitate towards those. It’s not a great recording sound wise, camera angle, all types of things.

But this is the one song that I play in the 3rd set of my gigs that I have recorded. Apparently, that means I need to work on that, but more importantly, some people think this is my best song right now.

It’s a fun one to play and I would love to discuss any intricacies on the song, or outreach if people like it and want to discuss approach.

You are all awesome!!

Keep the Wolves Away—Uncle Lucious


Sorry for flooding the forum too lately guys. Just trying to jump in hot and offer perspective. I’m impressed by all of you.

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I’d love to hear @adi_mrok play some lead to this

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Thanks for the shout out Travis, I agree I think from playing perspective this was so far best of your recordings (although others are of great quality too). You are being too kind though with the lead lines haha there are far better shredders here than me :grinning: although I do appreciate the compliment!

As for flooding - my opinion is that as long as you participate on the Community and comment on others post you can post all you want :slight_smile: all the best Travis you did really good!

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Yeah @adi_mrok the flooding is essentially over anyways. Mostly past videos for perspective of the journey. All of my musical recordings will be in real-time moving forward :+1:

I’ve seen some great players here and am looking forward to watching more of it! Cheers

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I thought the tone and sound of this was pretty good. Some spots though, seemed to have a little noise, almost like clipping? Never heard this song prior, but was good you turned me onto it. It does seem to need a little work, but you are very close to nailing it I think!

All the best and take good care,

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Thank you! Yeah it does seem like I had some clipping going on there. I wish that I could whistle too, ha!

Nice job Travis. Great playing and vocals. A new song for me and enjoyed it a lot! :+1:

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Thanks @Eddie_09 !! If nothing else, I think that I’ll be good at introducing the community to new music. Ha

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