Traveler - November 2022 - Travis Tritt, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Chris Stapleton, John Prine, Pink Floyd, Colter Wall & more

Hello all!

I looked for a duet section here, but I didn’t see one (maybe I missed it?)

This is a duet with my wife that we dedicated to our kids.

I Hope You Dance—Lee Ann Womack (duet)


My wife often accompanies me for gigs, and it’s a much better show when she does because it adds more diversity. I’m not sure if this recording portrays here true vocal ability, but she is a good singer. She is starting to play piano a little bit too :smiley:

I really enjoyed that Travis and Mrs Travis. You are right, another vocal in there does add a nice bit of diversity.

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Thank you! We are figuring out how to harmonize, and it’s been fun messing around with that.

My wife’s name is Lindsey by the way. I apologize for that omission!

Aw that was so good Travis and the duet was gorgeous, you may not think this recording portrays your wife’s vocal ability but it’s clear that she does have a good voice. Hopefully you’ll record more together and post them here? :smiley:

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That was really good guys! My wife used to play bass guitar so maybe I can get her to dust off her old guitar and join me sometime.:wink: Great job both!

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Thank you @Nancy15 !! Her vocals tend to shine when she is singing in the Stevie Nicks range, but I’ll definitely post any future recordings that we have together!!

I’m hoping that I can get some video of the next time she performs with me at a gig :+1:

Thank you @Eddie_09 !! I think my son Gus that’s 4 is going to be a drummer. We call him meatball because of his outrageous personality, but we are working on the “family band”. Ha!

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I think this is the best song I have heard from you so far. Nicely played and voxed. Your harmony with you wife is really good. Hope you do more together.

No duet section exists that I know of at JG.

All the best,

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Thank you! I really enjoy the harmonizing! This is one of the first songs where I was pushing 16th note strumming too.

One more older video to add, this was the first song that I learned from Justin!!

Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way—Waylon Jennings