Traveler—November 2023: House Of The Rising Sun, The Animals (kinda)

Hello all!

This was an exciting recording for a couple of different reasons.

#1–Its my first recording where I play fingerstyle for the entire song. I feel like I have been over reliant on a pic, and I aspire to play more fingerstyle anyways, so it has been a focus for a lot of my practice recently.

#2–I got a new pedal recently (still figuring out how to use it—it’s a Boss VE-8 acoustic singer) and this is the first time that I have ever added harmony to my vocals, so that was pretty cool!

#3–i joined the Justin Guitar forum last November, so this recording marks my 1 year anniversary in the Justin Guitar community. I’m so glad that I decided to join as I have learned a ton and been inspired by many of you!

I pretty much used Justins suggested arrangement for this tune as well. I used the rhythm/chord pattern from version 1 of the beginners songbook as my guide, playing fingerstyle in triplets.

I hope that you all like it, and as always, feedback is always welcomed!

House Of The Rising Sun (YouTube)

House Of The Rising Sun (Studio version)


Well that really was a treat Travis! It’s a great song to fingerpick and you did it really well. As soon as the vocals came in I knew this was going to be something special, we’ll done!

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Thank you very much @prbushe !! I envisioned a roller coaster when I was trying to build it. I think that’s kinda what I came up with. Cheers :+1:

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Well done @Traveler, great job. You certainly have the voice for it. I have had this song with the same fingerpicking pattern from Justin’s book as a staple in my practice for ages, great for practicing the mini barre F chord.

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Travis I am working on this song but doing strumming instead . I love this song and have to say to you great job brother.

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That was excellent Travis. Nice job on the fingerstyle picking and great vocals as always.

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Thank you @KimR !! I think that it’s going to become part of my warmup routine as well!

Thank you @Jwaters !! I think that this tune sounds really good strummed as well :+1:

Thank you @TheCluelessLuthier !! I think it came out pretty well for my first recording of it!

Nice one as Always Travis. You choose your songs well as everything you post really suits your voice. Great work again!

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A voice made for singing the blues bro!

You’d do a great Martha by Tom Waits!

Try an ooccasional strum in your picking for a bit of panache and mind that the end of the 2nd line in the evermore-repeating pattern is
Am Em Am
instead of
Am C Em

like this:
1: Am C D F Am C Em
2: Am C D F Am Em Am

The way you play it now, you force your vocal to follow and you create some kind of “open ending” to the vocal melody line


Thank you @Eddie_09 !! I have really been focusing on expanding my repertoire. I’m going to start a bit of a revision stage as this winters focus—to work on solo’s and the unique parts of songs more, and to add more embellishments and enhancements.

Thank you for listening!!

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Awesome advice @LievenDV !! I’m not familiar with the song that you mentioned but I will check it out!!

I didn’t realize that chord change you pointed out, and I didn’t realize it with my ears until after playing the progression you laid out.

Thanks for listening and for the feedback! Rock on :metal:

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Happy 1 year anniversary Travis and thank you for the 1 year treat. That was great. I thought your fingerstyle was excellent and the vocals sounded great as well.

Have fun with your new pedal.

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Thank you @SgtColon !! I’m really glad that I decided to hop into the forum with all of you. I’m actually excited to record again sometime down the road after some suggested corrections!

Here is another tune that I recorded yesterday :+1:

Small Town Saturday Night—Hal Ketchum (YouTube)

Small Town Saturday Night—Hal Ketchum (SoundCloud)

You’ve got a great voice. Also like the song you chose, pretty much the first one I learned.
A bit of criticism: I thought you were mumbling some words a bit. Maybe thats intentional, then its fine, but if not you could improve on that.

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Thank you @Nick22 !! That’s such awesome advice. Sooooooo, my wife would love this because she’s always complaining that I OFTEN mumble when I talk and it really pisses her off. Weirdly, my speaking voice is pretty deep and that sometimes can create minor communication issues, unless I enunciate properly (which is what singing is all about, right?!). I’m more attentive to it when singing than speaking generally, although, I’m a History teacher so I talk all day. Love your feedback and thanks for listening . Keep rocking :metal:

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I was able to get in the studio to record a few tunes tonight. Here is one of them, a country classic from the 1990’s!

Live Until I Die—Clay Walker

Live Until I Die—Clay Walker (Studio version)

Awsome Travis! :facepunch:
This is a fingerpicked version of the Five finger death punch’s version of the song :grin:
Loved it Travis!

Happy anniversary by the way :grin:

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Thank you @tRONd !!

It’s so awesome that you noticed that! I don’t think many people know the 5 finger death punch version of the tune, but their rendition definitely inspired my version!

Rock on :metal: