Traveler—October 2023: Anymore--Travis Tritt, Rich Men North of Richmond--Oliver Anthony, The Ballad Of Curtis Loew--Lynyrd Skynyrd, American Girl--Tom Petty, Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm--Crash Test Dummies

@TheMadman_tobyjenner i loved your version!! It was very true and steady!! Your vocals harmonized well with the chord progressions, and it probably sounded more like the original than my version. Awesome Toby!! Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Shane!! I feel like I’m almost ready to turn another corner. It’s always exiting in this grand chaotic game of music isn’t it?! Ha!

Cheers bud :+1:

I was able to get in the studio for a bit this evening, and I recorded this tune. It needs some more work, specifically the solos, but it came out ok I think :+1:

I’m trying to push myself towards more rock so any pointers would be great!

American Girl—Tom Petty

American Girl—Tom Petty (SoundCloud)


Here is one that I’ve been working on for quite a while. I need to practice the end of the song some more, but I think this came out pretty good for the initial recording!

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm—Crash Test Dummies

Studio Version


Two great covers there Travis. I really like the crash test Dummies one, your voice was great for it.

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Thank you very much @SgtColon !! The Crash Test Dummies tune is one that I looked at several months ago and was like “I’m nowhere near this”. But I broke it down, and started learning some of the parts individually. The guitar parts aren’t very authentic to the original (I kind of played it in triplets), but I was happy with the result for the initial recording!

I noticed that Justin has a lesson on this song so I’ll check that out this week to possibly smooth some more things out. Thanks for listening!

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Crash Test dummies was good Travis, quite enjoyed it. It does suit your voice, that deep gravely tone.

I also checked out a couple of your other ones, American Girl and The Ballad of Curtis Loew. Enjoyed those too!

I think one thing with rock is that a lot of it is rhythm based, so maybe you could to start to introduce right and left hand muting into your songs, and varying rhythm a bit between parts?

I think you did pretty well on Curtis Loew, except for the timing on the lead bits, it felt like the song went out of time. I find switching between strumming and lead on time one of the hardest things.

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Thank you so much @jkahn !! Amazing advice!! One step along my path is trying to “transition” between rhythm to lead as a solo artist. I don’t quite have it figured out. I appreciate your tips to help me get there. I’m gonna keep rocking :+1:

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