Traveler—October 2023: Anymore--Travis Tritt, Rich Men North of Richmond--Oliver Anthony, The Ballad Of Curtis Loew--Lynyrd Skynyrd, American Girl--Tom Petty, Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm--Crash Test Dummies

Heya guys!!

This tune is, as Justin calls it, a “dreamer” song for me. I have been working on it for a while, and the main riff, for quite a while.

I admire Travis Tritt as an artist and in my opinion this is his best song.

Here is my initial rendition. All feedback is welcomed!

Anymore—Travis Tritt


Very nice Travis. Great job with the picking, the work you’ve put in shows. I really enjoyed the song.

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Hello Travis, that was again a very enjoyable and passionate performance :blush:. Really well done :clap: :+1:.
At some parts the guitar could have been a bit louder, but that is just my very subjective impression :hugs:.
Thanks a lot for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Hi Travis,

nice rendition with a lot of passion and emotion in. :clap: It must be a great feeling to finally have one of the dreamers under your fingers, right? :smiley:

I’d also opt for putting the guitar a little up in the mix. You have a very strong, powerful voice and at times, the guitar is a little too soft in comparison, at least to my ears. But that’s most probable a matter of personal taste than anything else.

The effort you put in learning this and your desire to play it clearly shines through in your performance and it’s coming around nicely. You put all your heart and soul into it, which I liked a lot. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

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Nice one as always Travis. Your voice is made for country music!

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Thank you @SgtColon !! It took a while to get the riff down. But like Justin often recommends, I started slow, then added a metronome, then gradually sped it up but by bit until I got about to the speed of the studio version.

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Thank you @NicoleKKB !! I totally agree about the guitar being too quiet in the video.

I did add compression to the studio version that I forgot to post, but here it is!

Anymore—Travis Tritt (SoundCloud)

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Thank you very much @Lisa_S !! I totally agree about the “quiet” guitar in this recording. When I first started recording, I often had the opposite problem, where I was playing with the guitar at too high of a volume. It’s a tricky balance! I did post the studio version of the song just above here that I added some compression to, so it brought up the lows quite a bit.

Thanks for listening!

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Hey Travis

Mr Tritt is a new one on me but really enjoyed the song and as usual your vocals are stunning. Made me think of Oliver Anthony who I discovered recently. Lovely balanced playing as well, so a pleasurable experience this Saturday morning ! Keep them coming.


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Hi Travis ,
I would like to hear a version where the guitar can be heard much much better :sunglasses:

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Your voice is designed for Country music Travis. That was great. I don’t know the artist of song but I enjoyed that.

You’ve covered the guitar/vocal volume mix issue in your previous posts.

Well done.

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Thank you @Eddie_09 !! That’s a really nice compliment. I was very happy with my vocals on this one. The one rough spot I noticed ( which is a common one), is “coming in”, and transitioning from the riff to the main rhythms.

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Thank you @TheMadman_tobyjenner !! I discovered Oliver Anthony not long ago as well, and I recorded “Rich Men North Of Richmond” not long after hearing it.

I need an updated recording of it, but here is my initial version below. The 2nd verse was a little rough, but I love this song.

Rich Men North Of Richmond—Oliver Anthony

Rich Men North Of Richmond—Oliver Anthony (Studio version)


Heya @roger_holland , thanks for listening! Check out the studio version in the thread above here, see what ya think. I turned the guitar up :+1:

Just from a bike ride and editing vids, look forward to listening later, with a beer ! :wink

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That sounds fantastic Toby, I’m grilling steaks for dinner, with a few choice beverages, and a nice hearty practice session afterwards, with some college football in the background. Gonna be a great day!

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Here is another “dreamer”, although I chunked it up quite a bit at the end and just totally skipped the end solo. This is one of my favorite tunes ever!!

The Ballad Of Curtis Loew–Lynyrd Skynyrd (YouTube)

The Ballad Of Curtis Loew–Lynyrd Skynyrd (SoundCloud)


Thought that would sit right in your corner and was not disappointed. Great cover now Travis and now I see you posted one of my favourite Skynyrd songs, so off for a listen. All good stuff here my friend !

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Sounding good Travis, so much going on the original track, some times a cut back easier approach works well and yours did here. Covered this a couple of months back for JGC OM17
Curtis Loew yep and I skipped the solo as well ! :sunglasses:

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Powerful performance there Travis.
Very enjoyable. Well done mate.

Cheers, Shane.

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