Traveler Playing Live—April 2023

Hello all!

Here is a clip from my gig last night. Overall it went really well and the crowd was into it!

As always, I’m open to any feedback that people have! And thank you in advance!

Voices—Sturgill Simpson (Live)


Awesome! Seem you had a most wonderful time there. Really cool :+1: :partying_face: :sunglasses: :heart: :pray:

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It was a blast @kimlodrodawa !! My wife actually sang 5 songs last night too. I wish that I had a clip of that but she is typically my camera woman, ha!!

I have another gig coming up next weekend too!

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Really enjoyed it, nice groove, great vocals. You’ve got great drive and energy.

I’m more than a little bit jealous of the shorts. Our spring has sprung a leak this year. It started out cold, wet and miserable but then it got worse. We’ve had to get a counsellor for our sun panels. They feel they no longer have purpose.

Old and covered with mold

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Very nice Travis, really enjoyed that :star:

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Enjoyed that, always like seeing people from the forum making it to playing live.

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Very cool. I wish there was some live, grungy country near me. Haha. Great song choice too. Seemed to fit you very well.

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Thank you @VanishingPirates !! I live in Western New York, one of the snowiest regions of the US, so it’s always nice to break out the shorts! We had a nice week last week but it’s supposed to snow tonight. Ha!

I’m glad that you liked it @liaty !!

Thank you @skinnyt !! I agree 100%, whenever any of us make it to the gigging step it’s a big deal. I have become even more addicted to music now!!

Thank you @ToshS !! I’m finding a little niche in the market around me. Lots of rock bands but not a lot of solo acoustic country acts around me. I play some rock too, mostly 90’s grunge, and stuff that other local bands don’t play.

Here is another clip from the same gig. I felt like I was rushed a little with this one and my rhythm got a little sloppy, but I adjusted some in the 2nd verse. Every gig is an awesome learning experience!!

Lost and Lonely—Aaron Lewis (Live)

Nice. I’d Like to get into similar gigging eventually and we have very similar tastes. Thanks for sharing the second clip. What’s your live playing rig setup as? Is the guitar mic’d or is it directly connected (via pickup) to the PA?

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Thanks man! Good question @ToshS !!

My guitar is corded into a Boss Katana MK100, then directed to my unpowered Yamaha mixer where I control everything. Vocal mic goes directly to the mixer. My 2 main speakers are powered Peavey 115D’s, and they power one peavey wedge monitor a piece pointed back at me. This was a relatively small space so I just had the mixer channel with guitar plugged into it turned up a touch; almost just enough to hear it faintly. The boss amp packs quite a punch. It sits to the right of me and slightly behind me so I can adjust guitar settings easily enough, and my mixer sits to the left of me where I control everything else.

I don’t have subwoofers yet but I have 2 powered peavey 118 subs towards the top of my list to acquire, and they would work with my mains perfectly.

Fortunately, I can pack all of my gear in my truck right now, but getting subs might change that so I’m dragging my feet a little there. I have performed on other bands full rigs with subs and it’s almost like I discover another dimension to my voice, so that would be exciting!!

Nice job Travis. I enjoyed your effort, deep voice vocals and overall performance. You seemed ready to go and a bit nervous with the energy displayed in the stroking of the leg/pants/knee. But once you started up guitar and vox, all seemed to fall into autopilot.

Not sure how you do it, but if the guitar could have a little more depth to match your rich voice on vocals it would be a plus I think.

Great stuff and keep it going forward!

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Thank you @LBro !!

Good points! I was a little wired up as this was early in the first set, and I could tell that from the video too! I’m lucky in that I don’t really get nervous, but I get excited, and that probably translates to the same result.

I agree on the guitar sound/tone front. I’m not sure how to do that either, ha. I have had the Boss Katana for a year and I’m still learning how to use it/about the different settings/multiple effects in unison/etc.

I have started the rabbit hole of pedals, and I only have a couple, but that might be the answer in the future? I haven’t actually used a pedal at a gig yet, although I plan to use the boss effects pedal that coordinates with the katana amp at my gig this Saturday.

I must admit I’m still a novice when it comes to guitar tone. Thank you for the feedback!

Yeah, I would say you were excited for sure. Speed came to mind - LOL.

Guitar tone is a tough one. Though in the case of the acoustic guitar I am not much sure your Katana is the ticket there. For electrics yes and you could probably look at the online repository tone bank for highly rated tones you can download to your amp??? I have some gear and like you I am still trying to coax some decent sounds out of it.

Acoustic is another beast. There I would guess you are looking at DI possibly into the venue PA or sound system? If that is the case then something like this bad boy might be worth looking at. It is very pricey, but not when you consider how many pedals and effects are in it. Boss AD-10 is the pedal to look at and not much else is around until you double the price! I have got some decent tones out of mine. I see there is a demo at Sweetwater for about $50 off. Not sure if you are in the US, but you might look at it? I have had great success with demos from there!

All the best in the tone department and take good care!

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Tosh not sure what Travelers setup is but for any live work I’d suggest going plugged in electro acoustic. using a dynamic mic for live guitar is hard work and there is no way you can use a condenser. I see very few people try to use an acoustic direct to mic. You just don’t want to compete with the background noise and similarly if it’s OM type event it’s “pain in the” for the guy running it.

That’s a sweet looking pedal @LBro , I’ll have to look into it more.

Several musicians in successful bands have suggested this pedal to me for what I’m doing

It has the ability to mix effects for guitar and vocals. My mixer only allows me to have one vocal effect setting active at a time, whereas there are no barriers to that with this pedal (from what I understand).

It might even be similar I’m functioning to the one that you posted.

Do keep in mind the pedal of pedals I pointed to is for acoustic guitar ONLY. As such it is very strong at what it does. If you want to treat vox work as well, then the pedal you pointed to or maybe a play acoustic one is worth a look. I don’t know much about them, but they both seem to be strong contenders!

All the best and hope to hear you one day sounding better mate!

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Another criticism that I have of myself is that my guitar is probably not positioned in a proper place. I tilt a little so that I can see my fretting hand, EVEN THOUGH, it’s generally not my fretting hand that’s the issue.

I am going to try to align my guitar more perpendicular to my body. I honestly feel like that was a security net that I needed more a year ago than I do now. Not that it will be perfect, but the fact that I don’t need to see it as much anymore, and certainly not in open position.

I actually remember Justin talking about this in an early video. I don’t remember the exact context, but I think that he talked about the concept of gradually tilting the neck back to where “it doesn’t matter”. I’m gonna work on that.