Traveler Playing Live—May 2023

Heya all! Happy May, and hopefully better weather season for some of the folks on here. Our April in the Northeastern US was cold and rainy.

Below are a couple of videos from my most recent gig. I’m taking a couple of weeks off, but have a few more gigs lined up at the end of the month. The weather was pretty chilly in the videos you will see below, and my hands got really cold in my 2nd set, to the point where my fretting hand was numb by the end of the show.

I hope that you like what you hear, and any feedback is always welcomed!

Colder Weather—Zac Brown Band (Live)

The Devil Wears A Suit And Tie—Colter Wall (Live)


Sounds great!
Looks so fun.
Stay warm.

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It was a pretty nice crowd for all things considered @ReneAsologuitar !!

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Sounding good Travis. Looking the part as well. :sunglasses:

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Thank you @SgtColon !! You can see my black Chevy Truck in the background of these videos too. I thought that was pretty cool!

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Here is another clip from the same gig! I got another gig coming up this Monday, so that will be exciting!

[I’m On Fire—Bruce Springsteen ](I’m On Fire—Bruce Springsteen I’m On Fire—Bruce Springsteen - YouTube)