Traveler Playing Live—November 2023

Hello all!

I had a gig last night at the local golf/ski resort in my area and I have some clips from it! It’s the first time in a while that I have some video so that’s cool!

I hope that you enjoy them. Any feedback is always welcomed :+1:

Paradise—John Prine


Well done Travis. Nice vocals as always and you looked very comfortable and relaxed performing. :sunglasses:

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Thank you @Eddie_09 !! I feel like I have performed enough now in front of strangers that I don’t get nervous. If anything, I get excited because I really like performing.

This next clip was the first song that I performed at the gig, and I think that you can even see me get more relaxed throughout the song. I screwed up a couple bars on guitar towards the beginning, and it took me a second to find my voice, but that’s real stuff! I turned my monitor up a little bit after this song and I was dialed in. Thanks for listening!

[I Remember You—Skid Row (Live)](I Remember You—Skid Row (Live)

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Nice job Travis :+1:

Sounding great and gruff, love it!

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Hi Travis, hats off to anyone that can sit and play/sing in front of people :+1:

I have what may be a basic a stupid question but having never done that can you tell me why we need the monitor in front facing the artist? Is it just your guitar that you are hearing through this? And why, because an artist can obviously hear themselves through the main speakers (it looks like there is one behind on your left.

Thanks Trav :+1:

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Thank you very much @liaty !! Trying to get all of the tones to match up a bit. Cheers!

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Thanks @CD02 !! That’s not a stupid question at all. I didn’t understand any of the live sound aspects before I started gigging, and it’s generally probably something that many concert goers don’t pay that much attention to.

So I have 2 Peavey 15’” powered speakers as my “mains”, out further in front of me facing the audience. Then as you mentioned, a 12’ powered peavey monitor pointed back at me. Vocals are sent from mic to mixer, and then to monitor and mains. Guitar is sent to the amp directly behind me to the right, then routed through the mixer for universal control there, then out to the monitor and mains.

Ultimately, the monitor is projecting the mix of guitar and vocals just like the mains, and it’s literally that—the means of monitoring how I’m singing and playing based upon what I hear. The guitar amp behind me has a slight sound (I like hearing the bass a little behind me), but guitar is mostly mixed at the board and then sent to monitor and mains, with different input/output for the front/back of the house.

I am almost confident enough to start using my pedalboard at gigs, which will replace the amp that I have behind me. The boss katana amp has been great for experimenting with different tones in 1 place (instead of using multiple pedals that do different things and have different effects on sound, dependent upon chain order, gain adjustments, etc.), but I want to pack lighter :+1:

From what I have seen, not all solo artists use the same type of setup as me here, but I think this
Is generally the same type of setup that most bands use, so that’s the way I learned it. I probably pack a little heavy right now, but my equipment is adequate to power a 5 piece band, so that’s kinda how I purchased things along the way.

I think I got a little bit complicated here, but I hope that I answered your question. Rock on :metal:

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Hi Travis,
Nice song and good singing :clap: :sunglasses: and a nice location for what i can see :sunglasses:

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Thanks Trav, not too complicated and makes sense, thanks for the explanation.

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Thank you @roger_holland !! It was a fantastic venue that I hope to play at again in the future!

That was an enjoyable listen Travis and I hope you go a round of applause at the end?

Thank you as well for the explanation as to why you had a speaker pointing at you as I was wondering the same thing.

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Thank you @SgtColon !! I have a few clips that convey to some extent the applause that I often receive after a song. It’s nice, and it reaffirms that I’m on the right track. Ha!

I had to hustle quite a bit initially, but most gigs that I have been picking up are venues and bars contacting me, either from word of mouth or prior performances. I feel very lucky for how that is going.

Here is another clip of one of my favorite songs, and it’s pretty appropriate considering I was performing at a ski resort.

Colder Weather—Zac Brown Band (Live)

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