Traveler--September 2023: Into the Mystic--Van Morrison, Brokenheartsville--Joe Nichols, Knockin On Heavens Door--Guns N' Roses

Heya all!

Here is a tune that I have been playing around with for a while, but I never properly recorded it. It’s a true test of hitting high notes for me, and I think I did good (but not great) with it. A lot of the guitar parts are not very authentic to the original, so I kinda did my own thing with it.

I hope that you all like it, and I’m open to any feedback/suggestions/hate mail. Cheers all!

Into The Mystic–Van Morrison (YouTube)

Into The Mystic–Van Morrison (studio version)


Nice job Travis. I always love your vocals and I believe this is the first time I’ve seen/heard you play electric. Really good stuff!

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Thank you @Eddie_09 !! I have been guilty of neglecting electric up until this point of my journey. I have remedied that a little this summer as I have been working on various aspects of the blues from grades 4 & 5, but my love for the acoustic has triumphed! Ha.

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Your thing is very beautiful indeed!

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Thank you @JamesSuntres !! Here is another that I recorded yesterday. I have seen Joe Nichols live a few times. He puts on a good country show!

Brokenheartsville—Joe Nichols (YouTube)

Brokenheartsville—Joe Nichols (SoundCloud)

Surely that is what music is all about, isn’t it?

A couple more nice covers Travis.

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Thank you @SgtColon !! Absolutely, that is what music is all about! I typically try to play as close to originals as possible, especially at first, but not always!

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Heya all,

I have a long-time friend who is not doing very well right now. He has had health complications for a long time, to the extent where he is on life support in ICU. It prompted me to record this song.

Knockin On Heavens Door–Guns N’ Roses (YouTube)

Knockin On Heaven’s Door–Guns N’ Roses


Nice version of a great song Travis and played with bundles of emotion. I wish your friend all the best with his health battles.

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I admire how prolific you are Travis. I enjoyed your Knocking on Heaven’s Door cover. I hope your friend pulls through. Tough time.

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Thank you very much @Eddie_09 !! It’s been a tough week and whenever I have a tough week I try to drown the noise with more noise; music. I couldn’t quite get the exact tone I was looking for but I thought that this came out pretty good!

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Thank you @jkahn !! I am equally impressed by your guitar progress good sir. I haven’t been in the forum for as long as many of you, but watching the growth of all of the contributors is really neat.

My buddy doesn’t have much longer on this earth but he has been suffering for a long time, so I hope that he finds peace. Thank you again for your kind words.

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Sorry to hear about your friend Travis but I’m sure he’d be touch by your nod to him.

Nice to see you on an electric again and very nicely done.

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Thank you @SgtColon, I appreciate the kind words.

I’m really exited for my next guitar purchase—an electric. It might not be for a couple months, but I intend to acquire a telecaster. I have looked at several, played a few different ones, and I kinda feel like when I get one it will become my guitar of choice.

I want an older model that is made in the USA, not one of the modern, player series types. For a lot of the music I play a tele will be perfect :+1:

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I recorded a few tunes during a stripped down practice session the other night. Fall weather is settling in but I’m still able to take advantage of the garage for another month!!

I hope you guys like what you hear!

Choices—George Jones

Three Wooden Crosses—Randy Travis

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Sounding good Travis and I like how your lighting set an autumnal mood as well.