Trent, 10, playing Johnny B Goode

My son, Trent, has been working on this song for the past week for a school talent show. I managed to grab this video of him practising it today, which I though was really cool. He’s still working on some of the embellishments, but it’s sounding great so far.

Of course another JustinGuitar leant song. I wish I could have done a full-on Marty McFly impression at age 10!

Thanks for watching!


Great work Trent!!! That’s brightened up my Thursday morning :blush:

That’s nice :+1:t2:. He’s doing great.
I wish I could have done that at the age of 10.

Fantastic! I expect he could win that talent show!!

The other contestants might as well stay at home! :clap::clap:


Very nice, very talented. Impressive with the singing too. Tell him I said to keep rocking!

Thanks for sharing!

Way to go Trent! Go rock that school talent show :guitar:!

:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: Good luck for your talent show Trent!

Hey Thomas that was another fine one, well done to your boy! Have you considered putting him down to next Justinguitar Community Open Mic special with Justin running it? Trent would have a chance to speak with his hero and play in front of him as he will be running the show :grinning: details below if you are interested, deadline is fast approaching though!

Your boy is killing it! I suspect that would have made Chuck Berry proud!

Way to go lil man!!! That’s how’s it’s done!!! And such an excellent choice of a song. :slight_smile: . Keep rocking!!!

Keep on rockin’ Trent! Good luck in the show!

Hey @adi_mrok - thanks for the heads-up on the Community Mic special. I’ve added Trent’s name to the expression of interest list. He’d love to perform for, and interact with Justin.

Thanks for the great feedback everyone - school session is on the 9th, so he has a few more days to work on it, but he’s really loving this song!

Look at this guy rock! Trent is amazing. If Jack Black did a next generation School of Rock movie, Trent would fit as lead guitarist. 12 bar blues in the key of B flat with lots of spice in there. I remember you said last time that Trent is not even sure he wants to do music or not. He sure is fantastic at it. Bravo!! Thanks for sharing.


Wow, go Trent! Loved it, sooo much better than I could do and he is only 10. The world awaits this amazing future guitar extravaganza!

That was brilliant Trent really enjoyed that…some great finger work there…the whole package.

Brilliant - well done Trent!

superb ! Great playing and singing.

Good grief: Unaccompanied apart from a sparse drum track - plays rhythm, fills, solo AND vocals. Absolutely stunning!

Love it!