Trent, 10, playing When I Come Around by Green Day

Dookie was a late High School album for me, so one of those really memorable ones that stick with you. More than 25 years later, it’s so cool to have your kid play sing songs off that album. My son, Trent, has been working on this song for a talent show at school, so thought I’d post one of the home sessions here. Based on Justin’s lesson of course:

We’ve also given busking a go recently, so here’s an acoustic version from his 10th birthday weekend busk. The song seemed to be a real crowd pleaser too.

Thanks for watching!


Awesome!!! :+1: :+1:

Wow, he sounds great! 1/6 my age and 10 times the rhythm I have ever had!

That is some talent and I love the Ibanez RG series he is playing. My daughter Jessica is 10 and just finished 10 weeks of intro to guitar lessons. I was amazed how quickly kids absorb materials compared to an old fart like me. We played a song together on stage last weekend, but more of rhythm guitar then what Trent played. He plays better than me. Loving it and love Green Day. Thanks for sharing.


That’s the way to go, his playing isn’t bad and his singing is pretty much ok for his age!

You ‘da man, kid! Dig it. Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

Well done that was another fine performance!

Love it!

Wow, so great :star_struck:. What are his plans for the future?

Holy … The lad has it all, it is so heartwarming to see not only his skills, but the enthusiasm and joy clearly shining through. You must be so proud!!

So cool! Keep it up Trent and the sky is the limit for you! :sunglasses:

@SDKissFan On the Ibanez RG’s - yeah, those Ibanez’s are awesome. This is the “miKro” 3/4 scale version and he’s had it since he as 6. He’s moved onto a full scale for acoustic, but the short scale on the electric is still very comfortable for him. I have nothing but good things to say about those guitars as starter electrics, they’re simply awesome. Only issue I’ve ever had is the shark teeth coming loose and I accidentally snapped one while gluing back, both otherwise perfect.

@NicoleKKB On plans for the future - we don’t know. We hope he keeps up enthusiasm and possibly gets into it a bit more when older, but right now enthusiasm is shared with judo, coding and generally building things. If you had to ask him what he wants to be one day, he’d say an engineer.

Thanks for all the comments everyone, I’ve passed them on.

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Oh, that sounds great - so many fantastic interests :star_struck:.

Way to go, young man! Look forward to more!!