Trent, 9, playing The Past Recedes by John Frusciante


Trent had his 10th birthday recently, but this was recorded a while back. He taught himself this song using Justin’s lesson and really loves playing it. He was battling with his strap a bit in this version, but still managed to keep it together!



Really AMAZING, well played Trent. Going places :slight_smile:


Please, Please, never stop playing. :slight_smile:

Fantastic Trent! You have a bright future ahead!!!

Wow your boy is having some serious taste in music, listening and enjoying John F at this age?! Fabulous!

Only thing I noticed I could point out is during the “Ay, this business of how long we try to stay alive” and consecutive verses he is missing his downstrum between each line of lyrics, everything is being played with downstrum in your son’s recording whereas between each verse there should be a quick upstrum too. I am sure he will get this sorted out in no time looking at how comfortable he plays the rest of the song :slight_smile:

I said it last time and I’ll say it again. Trent has a big future.
Ten years from now people will be be watching that video of how he started out.

A bit like this guy.

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:open_mouth: That was incredible! Never let him stop playing guitar!

That was excellent stuff. Nice one Trent. Great playing and singing for such a young age.

Thomas, you must be very proud of him.

Thanks for sharing, Thomas. Share the applause and encouragement with Trent. He is doing ever so well. And that is the age to start learning!

Little Dude Trent is a legend!! Fantastic song and my goodness he’s playing and singing well. Really hope he keeps up with this, a bright future indeed.
Thanks so much for sharing, that’s brought a huge grin to my face this morning!

For 9, 10, amazing.

I sense some parental influence in his music choice :joy:, my kids are more into Disney theme songs than JF solo stuff!

Hey @adi_mrok - thanks for the feedback, I never noticed the missing up-strums but went and listened to the original and heard them there. I then showed this feedback to Trent and he seemed confused and pointed me to the JustinGuitar lesson which has that whole section played in down-strums! When you watch Justin play it in the beginning though, he also seems to sneak in the up-strums. Trent’s working on that, it definitely gives it something extra. Thanks again!

Thanks @sairfingers, that was a fun video to watch! So much fun looking back at these accomplished guys when they were young and wondering what people thought of them at the time.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments, I’ve shared them all with Trent.


No worries Thomas Justin loves to embellish the intro usually more than what’s in the lesson :grinning: so fair play to Trent he just followed the guide! I double checked the original and clearly John plays an upstrum - it makes sense as it’s a lot easier to keep your timing in tact with the upstrum, it’s more difficult to do it with just downstrums in my opinion so again kudos to Trent! Good stuff :blush:

Wow. Pass on my amazement to Trent. An inspiration
Love this song and he does it justice.
I’ll be watching for more!

Hey All

For those interested, here’s a current rendition of Trent playing this song during a recent busk:




Fantastic stuff :slightly_smiling_face: things you love to see :v:

this was really good, it looks like his rise to fame has started. Busking at 10 and making money wow! watched the other songs on your channel, even playing Harmonica, what a legend, you should be very proud. Pass on my hearty applause to Trent.