Trent playing Some Postman by Presidents of the USA

On the back of some fun playing Dune Buggy by Presidents of the USA for the Xmas Bash, another one of the Presidents’ even less known songs caught Trent’s attention. Not much on the Net on this one, so he figured out much of the rhythm and chords himself. He uses some creative chord fingering, which I’m sure is waaay more complicated that it needs to be given that these guys played almost everything in drop C#, but it makes for a good finger workout!

Sporting some cool Justin merch too :slight_smile:


keep going like this and youll start getting requests.



Amazing as always. Please let Trent know he has a Justin Guitar fan club and we look forward to every video you post for him. Ten years old and already better than most of us old farts playing guitar with Justin’s methods. Please encourage Trent to keep going and the sky’s the limit with is talent. Bravo!!!

Jeff from California

What Jeff from California said!

Big thumb up from me :+1:. This was really great :star_struck:. Playing and singing the song is definitely not easy, but even figuring out (and inventing) the chords, is extraordinary.
Congratulations for doing so well :clap::smiley:.

Terrific young man!