Triad Chord Grips

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If you’ve learned your barre chord shapes and know how to move about in the music number system it’s really easy to see these as the bottom (highest notes) half of the barre chords. Just my quick way of navigating.


Hi @bc58 and welcome to the community.
You’re totally right.
And when you move on to further triad grips in different sets of strings you will see that they too are subsets of bigger barre chords (or CAGED type chords).
Cheers :blush:
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I’m struggling on pattern 3 to get my third and fourth finger onto the twelfth frets without muting the High E. I have more success barring the twelfth fret of the second and third string with my third finger. Is there any reason why this would be wrong?

If you can barre just the G and B strings and play the e string clean then I don’t see anything
wrong with it.
Basically what this triad is. Is the G,B,e string of the A shaped barre chord. So if you play your
A shaped barre chords with index and ring finger then there is no reason not to play the triad
the same way.