Triads in Practice - suggestions for songs?

Couldn’t create a new topic for this under the module itself for some reason. But was wondering if there are any song suggestions for practicing triads? The only one I have come across is the intro to End of the Line by Travelling Wilburys. Any other suggestions?

Tons of Red Hot Chili Pepper Songs have triads. One I love from B side of either By the way or Californication album is called Someone - that is basically triads mostly :slight_smile:

Jack and Diane ( Johnny “Cougar” Mellencamp) is basically all triads, great fun to play and nail down basic major triads.

Cheers, Shane

I am also learning triads. For practice, I find it pretty useful to just play my repertoire of campfire-type songs, replacing the open chords with triads. It sounds surprisingly cool! And given the 3 triad shapes for each chord and 2 string sets to play them on (I’ve only gotten to the 1-3 and 2-4 string sets), there’s lots of variation to explore.

That is amazing. I have had such a tough time learning triads. I know them from the shape, but using them has really been a challenge for me. It is perhaps the most difficult thing I’ve had learning guitar.

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