Tritone Substitution

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Can someone check me on this? In this lesson you use Db, which is the blues note/tritone going up from G but then I thought well what if you wanted to go three whole steps down from G instead. It’s also Db! Is that correct! A lot of this theory stuff I really get and jive with. Now if I could just figure out how to play faster. String skipping & 16th note picking arpeggios/scales are hard! How do the metal guys do it?

You are correct David. Tritone is the only interval that gives you the same note when you move upwards and downards a.k.a. it is exactly in the middle of the octave.

Back to the shed now, putting more hours into technical side of playing! My usual go-to is a mixture of playing the exercises as a warm-up and then go straight into the songs that use these techniques and put them in the context of a song.